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What you don’t know about ESE IFA (IFA verses)

What you don’t know about ESE IFA (IFA verses)  Ifa literary corpus, called odu, consists of 256 parts subdivided into verses called ese, whose exact number is unknown as they are constantly increasing (there are around 800 ese per odu). Each of the 256 odu has its specific divination signature, which is determined by the babalawo…

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AWON Abiku Nile Yoruba, Oruko won ATI itumo

AWON Abiku Nile Yoruba, Oruko won ATI itumo  Abiku: “Bo ku o te” meaning “If you die you disgrace yourself”, revealing that this woman had had “abiku” (short- lived) children prior to this one”Biobaku,” i. e., “Bi (iwo) ko ba ku,” or in English: “If (you, or ) this one does not die” an inconclusive…

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Twins family, their name and meaning in Yoruba

Twins family, their name and meaning in Yoruba  Baba ibeji……… Twins fatherIya ibeji………….Twins motherIya ibeta……….Triple’s motherBaba Ibeta……..Triple’s fatherIbeta…………….TripletOmo meji /ibeji /ejire (eji ore)Kedunwa = A child born before a set of twins. (this name is given after the birth of a set of twin)Taiwo = The first child of a set of twin/ tripletKehinde =…

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Names In Yoruba Land

Names In Yoruba Land  Yoruba names are much more than mere identification tags, much more than mere “luggage labels”; each has a reason (a) for being just what it is; and (b) for being given to a particular individual. Yoruba names embody circumstances of birth, history, family, religion, or some other equally pertinent facts relevant to…

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Spiritual work using cat eye – Oju olongbo

Iba agba oUses of Oju olongbo (cat eyes) Die Lara iwulo ESO oju olongbo, 1: Ifunra (body__Teller)Ao mun ESO oju olongbo kan, ESO olonsepetu kan na, (opa_esu), omo Atare kan, Ao lo papo Ao fi singbere kan soso sii Aya…. 2.. Eyonu {Favor}ESO oju olongbo mesan 9Omo Atare mesan 9, Ao lo papo Ao fii singbere EJIOGBE…

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