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Spiritual Help at your doorstep: CONSULTIFÁ is a well-registered Spiritual Solution Centre : We are Babalawo (IFA PRIESTS) with the knowledge of “IFA Òrìshà Òrúnmílà ””

  • We help to seek causes and solution to ones problems, discomfort ,Obstacles or any bad situation one could found him/herself or love ones
  • We perform consultation to have a clear picture of what wrong and to know solution to solve the problems ,We cast out and remove Negative Energy, misfortune and
  • We also have Tested and Confirmed Ready-Made Voodoo Magic in store that you can order and can as well request for voodoo of your choice and get it shipped to your doorstep

Don’t take Only Our Words for it .

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Seek Consultation

Ifa reading is more like Medical Test , which help the doctor to know the causes of your problems and solutions to it.  We have instant reading/consultation and you can also schedule it. Kindly message us to get started .You can be rest assured you are safe with us

IFA WORK (Ebo /Sarcifice)

Where a consultation is the first step, Ebo (ritual work and offering) follows to improve outcomes of the results. With Ebo : it is more like give your Guilding Angel food to eat and water to drink , and boost it to perform well which will come as glory ,blessing and favours open you•••
We perform the Ebo for you to make all your good wishes comes true

Ritual and practice for the betterment of your life and fulfillment of your destiny ..We are live on Whatsapp 24/7 :+2348148283617

Why Us

Why Choose ConsultIFA as your Spiritual Consultant

There are many IFA consulting and Spiritual centre in Nigeria and around the world but people prefer and choose us all time : Because we understand that some cursed Human have turned IFA Consulting , Spiritual services and related ifa services into money making programme, we are trusted and recommended by 99.9% of our clients as we swore to assist them solve why they consulted IFA. and only charge them for the necessity …”

    • NO BLACK MAILING We don’t blackmail or use what you discuss with us against you?? No  and what ever you discuss with us will be clear after the deal is done
    • Either you get what you paid for Or a full refund of your money will back to you  : Because we perform consultation/reading before we involve in any spiritual work. There is 💯 Assurances that you will not be scammed and it platform voodoo works well ❤️‍🩹
    • We are ready to listen to your story and provide your best ways to on decision making..
  • Data Privacy A secured Data privacy, Details and information shared with us is end-to-end encryption ,which mean third parties can’t read or listen to them . Your Privacy is safe with us,(IFAOGBO); ON TO IFA WE SWEAR

Quick Knowledge About IFA and reletes


Ifa is the words of Olodumare (Creator) manifested through the Spirit of Destiny (Orunmila). Priests & Priestesses of the tradition (called Babalawos, Iyanifas, and Olorisas) serve collectively as representatives and shareholders of the Ifa Orisha divinatory spiritual system. A person comes for a consultation, concise information is given and often an ebo (sacrifice) is asked to be performed by or on behalf of the person. It is a spiritual practice, discipline and philosophy that speaks in allegory to the human condition. The practice of Ifa was born to the Yoruba of West Africa centuries ago. Though much can be debated surrounding its path across Africa, as well the much discussed “true” origin of the philosophy, one thing is certain: both the practice and the philosophy are recognized as a cultural treasure and a growing world religion. Its sister traditions, born out of necessity amidst the trans-Atlantic African slave trade ,such as Santeria,Candomble, and various other traditions have grown worldwide as well . No longer a whisper of misunderstood animism, the Ifa pantheon represents tools for transformation for the individuals who seek it across the globe.


Ifa is the name of the religion and the Oracle. Ifa is the cultural treasure of the Yoruba people of Nigeria. The synthesis of Ifa and Catholicism came to the U.S. through the Caribbean as Lucumi Ifa and Santeria. Meanwhile it has kept its original roots in Nigeria to this day. The name it is known as in Nigeria as well is Isese L’Agba”. The Traditional Yoruba practice has a few basic understandings:
• There is but One Supreme God, or Universal Intelligence
• Except for the day you are born and the day you are supposed die, there is not a single event in one’s life that cannot be forecast and, if necessary, changed
• Your spirit lives on after death and can reincarnate through blood relatives
• You are born with a specific path
• Divination serves as a road map to your path
• Our Ancestors exist and must be honored, venerated and consulted
• Orisa, or forces of nature, live within us and deal with the affairs of men
• You must never harm another human being, or the universe, which you are a part of
• Spiritual, emotional, physical and mental realms of our existence must all work together and be balanced


The word Babalawo translates as the father of mysteries, and as such, is well-versed in most or all aspects of the religion and culture, from prayers to ceremony, history and stories and everything in between. A Babalawo is a high priest within the tradition, with many other sub-titles to be earned and given over time within the priesthood. Learning the practice of Ifa is a lifelong endeavor for all involved. The Babalawo sheds light on things that are unseen and works with the forces of nature (Orisa) to right them again.


Spiritual work is not easy. Learning the process is difficult, executing it requires precision, and initiation takes quite the sacrifice in order to have the authority to perform the spiritual work. It is like paying a doctor, lawyer or tutor for services.


NO! In fact, Ifa does not seek converts. Ifa is kept alive by those born into the tradition or called into it later on in their lives. Ifa is about the betterment of humanity without judgment for any religion or culture. Ifa recognizes the importance of many world traditions, as though we are one people living on one Earth and from one source, we are not all living the same life. Our approach towards Ifa is to provide you with the tools necessary in order to move forward, and in alignment with your chosen destiny.

A reading will simply help you understand what is going on in order to guide you on the best way to proceed, with the best possible outcome.


Ifa teaches us in Idi Meji that diversity is the hallmark of God’s creation. Which means Ifa, while Yoruba in source of origin, belongs to humanity as a whole.

Odidi kirimukirimu
Awo of Ori
Cast Ifa for Ori
When Ori was living in isolation
He was asked to offer sacrifice
He complied
Eyes came, eyes came to stay with Ori
Kerekere, my Ori will no longer be in isolation
Ear came, ear came to stay with Ori
Kerekere, my Ori will no longer be in isolation
Nose came, nose came to stay with Ori
Kerekere, my Ori will not longer be in isolation
Mouth came, mouth came to stay with Ori
Kerekere, my Ori will not longer be in isolation


You can expect to gain deeper clarity and wisdom to continue walking your life path with greater empowerment and personal insights.

Dafa or Ifa Divination (getting a consultation) may be performed for you in person, long distance either via telephone or FaceTime/Skype type programs, or performed long distance and the information then sent to you via email. It is preferred, though, to be present in person or by phone/video so you may speak your prayers and ask questions while the oracle is open for you.

Generally the reading will take 30 Minutes or more, all depending on what the Orisas have to say to the one seated for divination.


Ifa will give a spiritual prescription (ebo) for each sign that falls in a reading, in order to either help correct a challenging situation or to provide you with the spiritual resources and tools needed to continue moving forward. This prescription will be determined via divination at the time of the reading.
It is recommended to always perform the prescribed ebo once a full consultation has been done.
If you are not sure you want to receive a full consult, start with the 5 Yes/No questions session and see if your queries can be settled in this manner.


Clients’ Reviews

Looking cautiously round, to ascertain that they were not overheard, the two hags cowered nearer to the fire, and chuckled heartily.


Jont kook

from 🇬🇧 UK

“ I Must say your service is top-notch and the ifa work I order is very effective ,thank you for being who you claim”



- From 🇺🇸 U.S.A

”Well your reading is very accurate and I see some changes with the sarcifice you did for me, We will say you people are actually legit ”


Maria helen

from 🇷🇸 Serbia

no regret so far using this platform, you clear my doubts.”



from 🇧🇷 Brazil


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