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Dreaming of having sex with your Ex


Dreaming of having sex with your Ex

Whether it is a fresh breakup or it’s been a long time breakup and you are still seeing your ex in the dream having sex with you.

Having sex with your ex in the dream is a big problem and it would affect you negatively.

It doesn’t matter how long you guys have broken up, you are still connected in the spiritual realm .

You need to break every connection you had with your ex on the spiritual realm.

What you need to to is very simple,you need cleansing.

Spiritual cleansing to clean off the energies of your ex that is still with you. This cleansing would break and split the connection that is bonding you to your ex. The materials for this cleansing is not something difficult at all. You just need a guidance on how to do it.

After cleansing , you might need some restoration and feeding of the elders. 

But in most cases the cleansing would do, unless the matter is beyond what you are thinking and someone somewhere is using your ex image to penetrate your life to cause havoc.

In this havoc case, you might need IFA consultation to know what actually happened.

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