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About Us( consultifa.com)

Do You know Your Problem Might not be Normal or Medical⚕️💉 ?? Why not Try 🧘‍♂️🧘 Spiritual Solution ?? | You could Seek Spiritual Solutions your issue by contacting us ⤵️

We are (BABAALAWO) IFA PRIESTS , with the help of “IFA: Orunmila Baba Agbonmiregun” to help seek solution to ones problems, discomfort ,Obstacles or any bad situation you found yourself or love ones. We solve, cast and remove any misfortune. This IFA Consulting Centre in Agboole baale ijaye(Compound of Chief Ijaye), We are using “WE” instead of “I” because in our compound there are many BABAALAWO both young and aged, this ifa dida(ifa consulting) is our forefathers specialisation and all IJAYE Family learn to do and to assist one in IFA ways.


IN YEAR 2018
ConsultIFA was founded in 2018 after “BABAALAWO ALAMU” finished from University of Ibadan. While he was in school ,he had white Man friends who came to University of Ibadan to know one or two things about IFA Oracle and Yoruba Traditions, Personally he has been helping some of them with Consultations and also teaching the some “Ese Ifa”.

After School, He Introduced them(what he has been doing in school) to the family 👪, how He has been helping people from abroad perform iFa consultation, via video calls ,calling , messages and live for people whom he sees.

IN YEAR 2019
In 2019 one of the consultee “Miss Elizabeth” from US🇺🇸 , discuss with us (Family) that we could reach the whole world with IFA Oracle Message and Consultations through a standard,Self-owned platform (website)

It take us almost a year to concluded as there are iFA guidelines to follow, and also as the first if it kind online, it hard to find the programmer that can create and develop the project we needs.

IN YEAR 2020
Finally CONSULTIFA.COM was established by IJAYE FAMILY in Iseyin, Oyo state Nigeria.

We’ve reach part of our destination, with our website hosted and constructed and has been helping us to reach more people in the US and UK although we wish the whole world at large find solution to their various problems.

As a company, we have 5 core values that every member of the team lives by, in everything we do. It’s what defines who we are as an organisation.

  • We act with IFA Oracle guidelines
  • We are customer focused
  • We build trust capital
  • We are loyal to one another.
  • We communicate respectfully
Consultifa’s is to spread the knowledge of IFA Oracle to help fix and find solution to any specific problem, no matter how hard it is and to promote Yoruba Culture at large.
Consultifa’s vision is to make it easier for people to consultifa oracle to find and fix problem, anywhere across the world
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