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Opon Ifa and Orisa (Ifa Tray and gods)

Opon Ifa and Orisa (Ifa Tray and gods)

The Opon Ifa is the great divining tray used in Ifa divination and any gods you might be in need of i.e Orisa Sango, Osun, Esu, Oya Oriri, Orisa Aje, Ogun Laka’ye etc.

Note:-The price of Opon Ifa (Ifa Tray) will based on the size and color if your choice, contact the above number for the specific price, same goes for gods.

This Product(Opon Ifa and Orisa (Ifa Tray and gods)) have 5.0 Reviews by 126705 Verified Buyers | Reach-out to us to order

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