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Ogun Afose Todaju : Afose Command Voodoo ,Magic Wiccan

Ogun Afose Todaju : Afose Command Voodoo ,Magic Wiccan


Buy AFOSE TODAJU : yoruba Ogun afose todaju, ewe Ogun afose togbona,meaning Ogun afose todaju in english, Ogun afose ati Ase, Ogun afose todaju, Afose,
This charm(ògùn) is called “ÀFÒSE” in Yoruba and called “Force Command or Command tone” in English .


It give one the ability or abilities to use or control something. Like you commanding someone to give you something they might not give willingly..

See Show Video Below to understand 

Note: this is not science, not trick, but absolutely YORUBA Myth and Magic (Power)


For instance: if incase some point a weapon at you, you can easily tell the person to drop the weapon or tell him/her to use it against his/her self.

Some also use this Charm (Afose) in magic show, you can command and thing or person will not resist your command .


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