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Why Is It Important To Receive an Ancestral Roots Divination Reading?

An IFA ancestral roots divination reading helps to rediscover one’s Origin (Orisun) in life, the source from which they derive from. This type of divination takes one on a journey into the traditional lifestyle of their ancestors.

Who are our ancestors?

The ancestors (asaaju) are those who came before us. They are the ones who established family costumes and traditions. They are the root that holds the family tree together. Ancestors play a vital part in our lives. They influence us to continue upholding family traditions and doing what’s necessary for the family and community to flourish.

How do the ancestors influence us?

The family costumes, passed down from generation to generation, influence how we think, act, and behave. Members of a family may inherit the same traits as an ancestor. This means that they are influenced by this ancestor, whether good or bad. If the influence is good, then through ancestor veneration, we continue to ask for guidance and strength. If Ifa says the influence is bad, then several ebo (sacrifice/spiritual work) and other rituals must be performed to elevate that ancestor and the influenced family member. A roots reading (orisun) is a powerful form of divination. It gives the client an understanding of the characteristics of their family lineage, what habits need to remain, and what habits need to be shifted.

What Is The Opa Iku?

An Opa Iku is an essential direct communication source to your ancestors, a concentrated conduit made up of sacred sticks. After your Ancestral Divination and ebos are complete, receiving an Opa Iku is your next step and phase in elevating/gaining a closer connection to your ancestors. The Opa Iku is placed on the ancestor’s shrine, and more direction is given during the process.

How do you know who your ancestors are?

It is through the system of Ifa that we learn who our ancestors are and where they come from. It is one’s family, Odu, that tells the story of their family before the coming of colonialism. Of those Africans sold into slavery in the United States, nearly half or more came from West Africa. The roots reading will pinpoint what region of Africa your ancestors came from and the name of the town or village they derived from. Learning who your ancestors are helps you to know part of yourself. It gives you stability and pride in yourself.

How do the ancestors communicate with us?

Understand that you are your ancestors, and your ancestors are you. We are connected to our ancestors genetically. By birthright, you have an open connection to your ancestors. Many communicate or receive messages from their ancestors through dreams or visions. Some connect with their ancestors by constructing an ancestor shrine. An ancestor shrine represents the connection between the physical and spiritual world, serving as a sacred place to commune with your ancestors mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. An ancestor shrine and Opa Iku is that borderline where the physical and the spiritual meet without overstepping their boundaries. In Yoruba culture and spirituality, the ancestors constantly communicate with us through dreams, visions, divinations, people, or signs. Our conscious eyes need to be open in order to recognize and receive their messages.

Are you experiencing the same pattern or repetitive circumstances within your family? Do you want to know the actual place, town, city, country your ancestors are from? How they lived ? Do you want to know what your ancestors need to say to you? Do you want connection with the Orisa & Olodumare God of the universe? Do you need solutions right now and good changes and results?

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