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How can the IFA tradition help me achieve wealth ? Pt 1


Who Is Orisa of wealth?

Did you know money was an actual Orisa within the IFA tradition. IFA is the first African spirituality practiced by the Yoruba people of West African Nigeria, Orisa Aje is the Orisa of wealth economical financial circumstances, business, markets, money, financial prosperity. This was and still is the Orisa we call upon to help bring us wealth money and prosperity.

Did you ever hear of the saying” Money makes the world go round” well the energy of wealth , her force travels non stop like the force of the ocean currents.

Orisa of wealth circulates throughout the world like the force of the ocean currents. The question …How can Orisa of wealth’ energy, circulate towards me, my family, my community, my bank account, my household, my life Ase?

What Does Orisa of wealth represent?

The social functioning within a culture and its community. All societies and institutions within a community operate and function by using the power , wealth, money, prosperity, and economic stability.

We would not be able to solely survive the world . Orisa of wealth saves us from living in poverty and restores harmony of wealth so we can formulate ownership, business and to accomplish our spiritual tasks, goals. Ifa has this to say in the Odu Ifa Obara Odi. Money is a form of Ase , power, which helps us to attain the necessary resources, materials that we need to make our ebo and to make investments into our spiritual growth and protection to prolong our life and not end prematurely on earth. Ifa is saying that money is part of the life force needed for human survival , money is currency a tool that constantly revolves and passes from one hand to another, money is a deity, it is what we call Orisa Aje of wealth

How can IFA and the Orisa ensure that wealth will come towards me?

If you do regular IFA divination and appease once a week by Consult IFA trained IFA Priests the Orisa of wealth will show positive progress within all financial circumstances

According to our elders “Orisa of wealth is extremely paramount of Orisa and anybody who wants economical successful business, wealth, prosperity should appease Orisa extremely often” Babalawo Awoyemi .

Why does it seem like people who are wealthy in the world celebrities, corporations, who have wealth, money have more problems?

Because they may not show appreciation to the spiritual aspect of maintaining the wealth in there possession,

Money has an automatic spiritual not just physical power associated with it , most who want it are willing to do anything to keep it , by using the wrong type of system of magic used by other cultures. Then they spend on materialistic things but lack the knowledge of making ebo prayer or appeasements to IFA Egungun Orisa of protection . The artist Biggie Smalls stated ” More money more problems” and this is why one must make IFA Divination and seek IFA Priests Babalawo and Iyanifa to make sure everything in alignment , balanced and happy with all the universal forces. Ase

Yes they may thank Olodumare (God) and show signs of spiritual gratitude however that is not enough action.

You have to appease the natural forces Orisa and seek the guidance of IFA on what to do to ensure successful results. If your ancestors derive from West Africa Nigeria you are governed by a different type of spirituality and system by default, and because you come from a particular blood line you have to know whatever came before you , the customs and traditions cannot be abolished and cannot go away, your ancestors are expecting you to do what they laid for you to do. If we don’t listen then how can we be helped and how can our children be helped in the future to come.

If they had more knowledge and insight into their own ancestral traditional customs they could be more educated on how their wealth can be protected and maintained.

Even the most powerful Oba’ Kings in West African Yoruba Empires had good IFA Priests as there spiritual advisors

Today those who have wealth they are not relying on spiritual protection, for themselves and their families. Instead they are relying on people, human beings to make their decisons supposley in their best interest. However , history proves very different , in terms of who ends up with the generational wealth.

For example, for African people and descendants, generational wealth is very important and when we pray, appease our own Gods Orisa Egungun ancestors, call upon them and know what to do, then we will have the spiritual protection and backing that is needed as you need to follow a system that works in relation to your blood line ancestors.

Who can appease Orisa of wealth on my behalf help change my Money, wealth circumstances?

A trained Consult IFA or Olorisa Priest that is licensed in the IFA tradition is highly recommended. You may contact ConsultIFÁ Service Priest Team Office, for more information on how this is done on our behalf please contact:

Consult IFA OFFICE : +2349169827000

Toll Free WORLD WhatsApp Us: +2349169827000

Email: [email protected]


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