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Why Is Ebo and Money in The IFA Religion, Spirituality, Tradition, Culture, So Important?


Why Do We Pay Money For Ebos In Ifa?

In the Ifa Odu Obara-Odi, Ifa says money is a form of Ase (Power). It is a tool that helps us accomplish the necessary things we’ve come to earth to do. In all the holy scriptures of Ifa, the essence of money is used for sacrificial material. The ebos can only be done with it.

Aje/Money is energy, like all of Ifa’s prescribed materials, to make ebo. It is a powerful energy that can be used for good or bad actions.

For your offerings, prayers, and sacrifices to be accepted, money is needed and used to pray during the ritual. Once the ebo (sacrifice/spiritual work) is completed, the ebo begins its journey to its destination. The spiritual aspect of the money acts as a toll fee so the ebo/ritual can get through the gates of heaven. Esu Odara, the one who carries all ebo, is paid for his services and is the deliverer of the ebo. The physical aspect of the money is used to pay the Babalawos/Iyanifa/ IFA Egbe and IFA Communities for their hard work and services, which ensures the success of the ebos. The money is also used to purchase the necessary expensive materials/animals to make the ebos on your behalf.

What if a client/devotee wants their money back after the ebos are completed?

We must understand that Babalawos, Iyanifas, and Olorisa priests—trained, disciplined, and of good character— serve as traditional doctors/healers and custodians of the Ifa tradition. We are spiritual healers, and doctors, sanctioned by Orunmila IFA, Orisa, IFA Elders, and Oluwos/Teachers.

When visiting the hospital to correct a problem, the first thing asked is, “Do you have insurance?”. The administration/staff will inquire before inspecting your temperature, vitals, and physical health if you have insurance to cover your doctor’s visit and potential procedures/surgeries. Without this insurance, you’d have to pay out of pocket. (And it costs!)

Within the Ifa culture and spirituality, we do not ask the client if they have insurance first to fix a problem. In most cases, a good Ifa Priest would consult Ifa on how much the client/devotee has to pay for the ebos, and once Ifa confirms the amount, then the client pays that specified exact amount.

Ifa’s confirmation on the price, amongst many other reasons, helps keep things honest. Just as we have physical debts, we have spiritual debts. You must understand that the amount given is a spiritual debt. Whether this spiritual debt is yours or your Ancestral blood lineages’, you must pay your debt to clear the blockages withholding your and your family’s blessings. You would receive an IFA Divination or Ancestral Roots Divination Consultation to help clear the obstacles in your path to make blessings come to you directly.

Another factor in the money (owo) needed to perform your Ebo is the intense physical, and spiritual labor Ifa Priests have to perform on your behalf to shift your circumstances. IFA Priests/Healers put their own physical and spiritual lives at risk for the greater good of humanity to provide successful results for you to have good health, long life, victory, and prosperity.

Clients complaining before/after the ebo has been completed, or asking for their money back, are considered disrespectful to Ifa, the Orisa, and the IFA/ Olorisha Priests. This lets us know from the door that the client/devotee/visitor needs more faith and trust in Ifa or needs to work on their behavior and integrity. It takes patience and awareness, amongst other things, to see the results flow in your pathway. Focusing on only receiving when you want to receive, on your time, and in your way will likely result in frustration and ignorance of the changes made.

The IFA priest can give the money back, but the client must understand that they came to Ifa and the Awo for help. Only the Ifa Priest(s) can clarify the situation and procedures, translating Ifa’s message to relay it to the client during the Ifa divination consultation.

If you do not have faith or trust in the process, we urge you to be patient and research more before taking such serious steps, but when you receive an IFA Divination, the information is too accurate not to be true. Instead of panicking or showing an untrusted or bad character, you should do your best to trust the process and be patient until otherwise. IFA teaches us that our character/behaviour can sabotage our destiny.

If you are patient, you will see the successful results of the system tradition of IFA. It may be challenging; however, this is also part of the healing. You will manifest positive results if you set your goals and see them through.

What if a client doesn’t make Ebos after divination?

It is said that Esu blesses those who make ebo and makes one’s life miserable who doesn’t make ebo. Understand that when the Ifa priest or any other priest in Yoruba culture opens up their divination instruments and makes the necessary prayers, they are opening up to heaven. Once the objects of divination are cast, the spiritual forces have arrived with their message and are waiting for their offerings. Refusing to make ebos is like breaking an oath with the Orisa or the healing powers working for you. Note that your case is still open, and the Orisa/ancestors Esu/ spirits are still waiting for their offerings. The client’s situation will worsen, and Esu will teach them a harsh lesson, all to better this person’s life and character. Olodumare, Ifa and Orisha will test your character and behavior on this journey.

When you receive an IFA Divination, the information is too accurate not to be true.

If you do not have faith or trust in the process of IFA, we urge you to be patient, research more before taking such serious steps, and try and do your best to avoid panicking or showing untrusted or bad character towards the IFA Priests those who are doing their best to help you understand the process. You should do your best to trust, not fear, be honest within the process, and be patient until otherwise. IFA teaches us that our character or fear can be the one thing to sabotage our destiny or true calling in this world.

In the Odu Ogbe-Osa,

Ifa says:

The Liar died in the forest of fire

The Wicked dies but dies in re savanna of scorching sun

The truthful died peacefully

Reclining on a waterspout of jewelry

Be truthful, be righteous

Do good, and don’t be wicked

Truth, the traveler on the narrow path, wickedness

The traveler of the broad way

Be truthful, be righteous

Be righteous, truthful

Whoever is truthful is assured of the support of the Deity.

If you are truthful and patient with your process and journey within the system and tradition of IFA, you will see the successful results and the miracles of IFA that Orisa will manifest for you and your family. We have much to be thankful for. It may have its challenges along the way; however, if you set your goals and see them through, you will manifest well-balanced favorable results. Ase.

What Happens if I do not complete my ebos?

If the client or devotee does not complete the ebos after the IFA Divination, all they have asked Ifa, Orisa, and the ancestors to do for them will not materialize. In most cases, their life will start to reverse, even more than the problem/situation they initially came to Ifa with.

We do not want this outcome, so we advise completing ebos.

Consult IFA’s Administration and Staff of Babalawos/Iyanifas guide you step by step, but you must be patient, develop trust, and maintain good behavior. You cannot blame the Ifa Priest if something does not go right. You must check yourself and your character, as you may need to listen to the Ifa Priest trained to relay IFA’s directions to you and follow your taboos. We also have to wait on the Orisa as they know better than us, Ase O.

The Ifa Priests/Team does what is required based on the instructions of IFA. The rest is up to you! You can only expect ALL your problems to be solved if you are willing to change your behavior and put in the work or what is required to help you on your destiny. This is where Esu tests you and shows you the playground and power of decisions and choices. It is all to help us learn valuable lessons and show you how Olodumare, Esu, IFA, Orisa, and Ancestors are on this path.

In addition, you cannot expect ALL your problems to resolve in one day with just one ebo. It’s a gradual process. Multiple ebos must be done throughout your lifetime, and depending on your path/destiny and your choices, you may alter or change your route toward the required destination.

Even Priests have to keep up with Ebo maintenance. Ebos ensures balance and removes unwanted influences so we can get to our destinations. IFA is not magic.

IFA is real.

What if a client has no money to make ebo?

The Ifa Priest should consult Ifa on what the client should do. The IFA Priests may ask Ifa if they could put the money up for the client to make ebo. If Ifa says yes, then it’s confirmed. What the client must understand in a situation like this is that whatever problems they have, it is a result of their actions, and so they must make the sacrifice to show that they have faith and to show gratitude to the spiritual healing forces who will help them to overcome their situations.

To offer your money as a sacrifice means you give something up in return for something much more significant. So, it is always crucial for the client to try their best and work hard to get the finances to do their ebos. Odu says, ” He who pays remains Free.” If you do not have the money, trust and be patient that it will come. Esu will open up your roads to make it happen, and your ancestors, especially if they see you, are trying your best. When you do this, the Orisha, Ifa, and Olodumare will bless you with more prosperity. Ase.

However, there may be better times than Now. Our IFA/Orisa Elders teach us that “Everything is in divine order.” Trust in your process. Be patient and trust the wisdom and guidance of IFA and the IFA Healers. Consult IFA Healers will work hard and do our best to assist you.

May Olodumare, Our Ori, IFA Ancestors, guide us to the right people, places, and situations in this lifetime to help us on our journey and to fulfill our purpose here on earth.


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