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Traditional Yoruba names relating to IFA and ORISA and their meanings


Traditional Yoruba names relating to IFA and ORISA and their meanings 

Ogundele= Ogun (the Orisa) has reached (his) home.

Ogundare(Ogun da are) = Ogun has found in my favor, acquitted me.Ogunsola= Ogun se ola = Ogun has created (ie. e. clothed me with ) honor.

Ogundehin= Ogun dehin (wa) = Ogun has turned back to come to us.

Egunleti= Egun ni eti = The Ancestral Spirit (Rgun) has ears (to hear us through this baby)

Ojediran= Oje di (ohun) iran (diran) = The cult of the Ancestors has become part of our family heritage (something handed down from one generation to the next, down the line forever and a day.

Abegunrin= Eniti o mba Egun rin = One who walks with the Ancestral Spirit ( i.e. , who communes with the Ancestral Spirit).

Sangowanwa= Sango wa mi wa = Sango has come looking for me.

Sangodijo= Sango has closed the ranks (of our group).

Sangolaja= Sango la ija = Sango has made peace (has settled the dispute).

Oyagbaro= Oya gbo aro = Oya has heard our grief (and turned it into joy).; [Oya is the wife of Sango]

Oyabunmi= Oya bun emi = Oya has given me (this child).

OyatundeOya tun de = Oyahas come back again.

Oyagogun= Oya to ogun = Oya to ogun = Oya is (in herself) effective magic.

Ayangbami= Ayan gba emi = Ayan has accepted me [could also mean: 

Ayan has saved me(from childlessness).]

Ayandiran= Ayan di [ohun) iran(diran) = Ayan has become an heirloom; i. e., the worship of Ayan (the patron god of drumming and drumming styles)has become something handed down from generation to generation in our family.

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Alayande=Eniti o nsin Ayan de = The devotee of Ayan has arrived.

Ayanlaja = Ayan la ija = Ayan has made peace, replaced strife with concord.

Fatoyinbo= Ifa to Oyinbo = Ifa is to be equated with Oyinbo. Here, “Oyinbo” is not [Note “not” is underlined] the white man,” but the Yoruba child of Yoruba parents who at birth is light-skinned, and is held to bring good fortune to himself and to all connected with him.


This Yoruba name is salutary reminder that the most obvious-and seemingly correct amplification of Yoruba compound words is just as likely as not to lead us astray, and

Fabunmi = Ifa bun emi = Ifa has given me [this child].

Fagbemi = Ifa gbe emi+ Ifa is on my side. [Ifa supports me].Falana = Ifa la ona = Ifa has opened (or has shown)the way.

Odutola = Odu to ola = Odu is equivalent to (is worthy of) honor. (Odu can be rep[ace with, Ifa, Ogun, Ade etc)

Odun eye =Odu ni eye = Odu intrinsically possesses adoration (is such that men automatically adore and worship it).

Odulate = Odu la ote =Odu has made conspiracy ineffective (has cut conspiracy open as with a knife).

Awotunde = Awo tun de = The mysteries (Awo) have a new lease on life (or the Adept=Awo-has returned again).

Awolaja = Awo la ija = The adept (by his birth) has brought peace.

Awolowo = Awo ni owo = Rhe adept has reverence (shown to him; or The Mysteries are holy, sacred).

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