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Who Is Orisa Aje?

IFA is the first African Spirituality practiced by the Yoruba people of West African Nigeria. Orisa Aje is feminine energy. In West African Orisa and Goddess Aje is the Orisa who strongly reinforces the power of wealth, economics, financial business, markets, money, women prosperity anything surrounding currency, money, power, etc.

Did you ever hear of the saying” Money makes the world go round” and the Orisa energy of Wealth Aje , her force travels non stop like the force of the ocean currents. Orisa Aje circulates throughout the world like the force of the ocean currents. The question you may ask is How can Orisa Aje’ force circulate towards me, my family, my community, my bank account, my household , how are this Orisa of wealth sit with me?

There are many ways we can help you to activate this special Orisa of wealth.

What Does Orisa Aje of wealth represent?

The social functioning within a culture and its community. All societies and institutions within a community operate and function by using the power of Orisa Aje, wealth, money, prosperity, and economic stability. Without the energy and spirit of Orisa Aje wealth the world will be in ruins and in extreme povished conditions. Ifa has this to say in the Odu Ifa Obara Odi.

Money is a form of Ase that helps us to do the necessary things that we have come to the earth to do. Ifa is saying that money is part of the life force needed for human survival , money is currency a tool that constantly revolves and passes from one hand to another, money is a deity, it is what we call Orisa Aje of wealth. Money Is part of your ebo materials to support your prayer requests and for Orisa Esu to take your offerrings and ebo materials and strong prayer requests to the proper destinations.

Can I appease Orisa Aje once a week and will I see progress in my money?

You may contact Consult IFA Services and submit a donation weekly, or when you can , for a trained Consult IFA Priests to appease with offerings and prayers to Orisa of wealth/money for you on your behalf by the directives of Orisa.

If I appease Orisa Aje of wealth will I see great changes in my money?

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Did you know Women, the female energy is the spark of the energy connected to Orisa Aje. Its is important to appease the Iyami and the energy of Orisa Aje as they are the physical connection to trigger spiritual connection energy of Aje ( Wealth) .

If you make women happy then the energy of Aje will come more stronger towards you. For example, if you are sincere, kind and generous to the female energy and make your mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, daughter, happy. Then they will pray for you more or should pray for you , or talk good of you and uplift your name. A mother and her words are heard more deeply by the Iyami the great ancestral mothers by default.

This is why in the IFA Yoruba culture , it is custom for the elder mothers to pray for you , the person will kneel or prostrate before the elder and the elder will pray and chant and sing all good blessings to reach you. The Iyanifa pray and chant Oriki of Orisa or Odu Ifa for human beings who need prayer, in addition this triggers the Iyami also to support you in your life.

If you are on the wrong side of the mothers or women, then they can trigger the wrong side or bad side of the Iyami and this will not be very well. As in most cases this leads to appeasements and more offerings so the energy and spirit of the Iyami do not block your roads or progress and your way or even money.

We pray the Iyami do not fight with us, We pray for the Iyami Support

We pray they have mercy on us and our children. Ase

This is why its important to have culture and tradition to know how to live and what to do so that misfortune of hardships do not come your way.

Women are so important to the Orisa Aje. Women, our elders, our daughters, our mothers, our sisters, should be treated kind and well if you want the Orisa Aje to sit with you strong. You cannot mistreat or abuse Women because the power of all the Iyami , the great ancestral mothers , Orisa Aje wealth , Iyemoja, Oya, Oshun , Oba, and many more Orisa will ensure that you will feel there wrath. We pray we never give cause for any wrath and we pray we do not offend the great Ancestral mothers Ase .

How does Orisa Aje of wealth ,keep flowing daily towards generational wealth?

If you want to make sure you always have wealth, which is an essential tool and aspect of life, the Orisa of wealth is the Orisa you appease, give offerings as often as possible to activate the spiritual and physical accumulation of wealth and money.

Disclaimer WARNING: Only qualified trained IFA or Olorisha Priest, IFA Healers can only activate and to go before Orisha you have many years of experience and training and be disciplined as the requirements of good character/behaviour as well as know how to traditionally communicate with them in their preferred way and language.

According to our elders “Orisa Aje is extremely paramount of Orisa and anybody who wants economical successful business, wealth, prosperity should appease Orisa daily or extremely often ” ( Awoyemi 2023)

Who can appease Orisa Aje for me?

A trained IFA or Olorisa Priest that is licensed by the elders of the IFA Traditional linages is highly recommended to do this on your behalf. For example, you may contact ConsultIFÁ Service Office

Consult IFA Office @ USA: +2349169827000

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