What Is An IFA Divination Spiritual Reading? Pt. 2


An Ifa divination is the highest divinatory system applied to help all humans with their problems that need to be urgently solved. IFA Divination is a higher spiritual and physical investigation into your life that helps bring clarity and clear directives on your past, present and near future. The wisdom and knowledge of IFA provide a systematic door to the messages necessary to live our lives with promising results.

Throughout the IFA Divination, areas of your personal life are revealed and supported by exposing the problems in detail. The IFA divination brings your life together in alignment with your destiny. You lead your mental health to a state of peace by extracting the worries and crises of life circumstances we face on a daily.

What tools are used for IFA divination and Dilogun Readings?

IFA Priests use the 16 sacred Ikin Ifa (consecrated palm nuts) and Opele to communicate with Orunmila: the Orisa of destiny. Olorisha Priests use dilogun tools, the 16 cowrie shells, to communicate with Orisa & Egungun Ancestors.

What are some of the things that IFA can explain to me if We have a IFA Divination done today?

Through a competent, trained Babalawo/Iyanifa Ifa priest, Ifa will reveal to you:

  • What the true problems are and how to solve them (through ebo, practical actions, guidance, akose, etc.).

  • What personal character traits you need to work on.

  • A personal list of things you need to do to achieve your life path’s success.

  • How to avoid hardships along your path.

  • Your taboos (things prohibited or excluded from use or practice).

  • How to activate all your blessings to come to you in abundance.

  • What is happening with you now and your current position.

  • How to get towards your true purpose and destiny.

  • Confirmation on things you may already be aware of.

  • What you cannot see with human eyes.

  • What and how you can reach your highest potential.

  • How to overcome all current challenges and obstacles to solve a problem.

  • Your strengths that will transform your challenges into opportunities.

  • How to prevent and intervene to avoid misfortunes, moving you into an advantage point.

  • What Orisha is close with you and what they need to support you.

  • What specific negativity may be surrounding you, and how to remove it/transform it into blessings.

  • How you can bring prosperity and wealth to your life.

  • What health issues need attention.

  • A solution to any problem.

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Sacred Ifa Ikin (Consecrated Palm Nuts)

We are interested in a IFA divination what do I do?

When you are ready to request a IFA divination spiritual reading, you can contact Consult IFA services. Either online through the website, www.consultifa.com , or

Consult IFA Services

USA (+2349169827000)

WhatsApp Us world toll free: +2349169827000

Email: [email protected]

Do I need to do anything or how do I prepare for this IFA Divination Spiritual reading?

No, unless stated otherwise, just give your undivided attention and listen. Try to save your questions or concerns once the wisdom from the IFA divination has been revealed to you. Consult IFA offers a free consultation after you have reviewed your divination.

What Information Do We have to Provide for the IFA Divination Reading?

To receive your IFA Divination, you will provide your Full Name, Date of Birth, and Mother’s Maiden name.

Once the donation is complete for the IFA Divination process, the spiritual reading will be prepared by the Babalawo/ Iyanifa IFA professional team of Ifa Priests.

You will then need to wait until an Consult IFA representative contacts you, or you are welcome to contact the Consult IFA Office yourself.

What is the Origin of the IFA Divination System?

The concept and art form of Ifa divination derives from Yoruba customs and traditions. It is the highest form of divinatory systems and is practiced amongst the Yoruba people of South West Africa, Nigeria, and all Ifa practitioners worldwide.

The traditions and customs of Yoruba/Ifa were established before Colonialism, i.e., Christianity and Islam. The practice of Yoruba culture continues today.

It is typical for a mother and father to take their newborn child (ages 0-7) to a traditional Ifa Priest Babalawo/Iyanifa to receive birth divination (Esetaye ceremony). The outcome of this divination gives a perfect description of the newborn child’s character and how we can best improve and direct them on their destiny to avoid untimely situations that can cause loss of life/blessings.

During a Birth Divination, Ifa will reveal the strengths, weaknesses, personality, career path, personal dos and don’ts of the child(ren), their purpose here on earth, and the directives they must follow to ensure long life, good health, victory over enemies and more, Ase.

An IFA Spiritual divination contains the history, mannerisms, science, art, and poetry of a people’s way of life. Ifa, the system, lets you know through the divination reading if you have strayed off the path and how to get back on correctly. Through divination, one can understand the nature of obstacles and the solution to solving them.

To book your IFA Divination please contact the Consult IFA Office centre @


Toll Free: +2349169827000

Email : [email protected]

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Consult IFA’s worldwide team of IFA Babalawo/Iyanifa, Olorisha, Egungun, and Egbe Priests sacrifice their time & lives to serve Olodumare (God of the universe and Orisa) by saving all human life and helping solve our problems.

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