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Twins family, their name and meaning in Yoruba


Twins family, their name and meaning in Yoruba 

Baba ibeji……… Twins father

Iya ibeji………….Twins mother

Iya ibeta……….Triple’s mother

Baba Ibeta……..Triple’s father


Omo meji /ibeji /ejire (eji ore)

Kedunwa = A child born before a set of twins. (this name is given after the birth of a set of twin)

Taiwo = The first child of a set of twin/ triplet

Kehinde = the second child of a set of twin/ triplet

Idowu = Child born immediately after a set of twin/ triplet

Etaoko / Idowu.. the third child of a set of triplet

Ato = .The only girl in a set of a triplet.

Alaba = .Born after Idowu

Idogbe = Born after Alaba

Idoha = .Born after Idogbe

Kokorugudu. = Born after Idoha

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