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Ancient Yoruba Calendar (Kojoda) and how to calculate


Ancient Yoruba Calendar (Kojoda) and how to calculate 

The Yoruba calendar (Kojoda) year starts from 3 June to 2 June of the following year.

 According to this calendar, the Gregorian year 2008 A. D. is the 10050th year of Yoruba culture. 

The traditional Yoruba week has four days.

 The 4 days that are dedicated to the Orisa goes as follow:

Day 1 is dedicated to Obatala (Sopanna, Iyaami, and the Egungun)

Day 2 is dedicated to Orunmila (Esu and Osun) *

Day 3 is dedicated to Ogun (Osoosi)

Day 4 is dedicated to Sango (Oya)

To reconcile with the Gregorian calendar, Yoruba people also measure time in seven days a week and four weeks a month. 

The four day calendar was dedicated to the Orisas and the seven day calendar is for doing business.

The seven days are:

 Ojo-Aiku (Sunday), 

Ojo-Aje (Monday), 

Ojo-Ishegun (Tuesday), 

Ojo-Riru (Wednesday), 

Ojo-Bo/Alamisi (Thursday), 

Ojo-Eti (Friday) and 

Ojo-Abameta (Saturday).

Time is measured in isheju (minutes), 

wakati (hours), ojo (days), ose (weeks), oshu (months) and odun (years). 

There are 60 (ogota) isheju in 1 (okan) wakati; 24 (merinlelogun) wakati in 1 ojo; 7 (meje) ojo in 1 ose; 4 (merin) ose in 1 oshu and 52 (ejileladota)ose in 1 (okan) odun. 

There are 12 (mejila) oshu in 1 (okan) odun.

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