IFA says, to overcome any personal challenge, effort must be made to remain patient, humble, discrete and silent to be able to handle things that bring us to victory. In order words, we should always try to maintain peace and harmony which will consequently attract the necessary vibration that lead to solution. No one attains victory, success, and prosperity with unnecessary noise or undue arrogance of what method needed to be used before such victory is established or attained. Patience, dedication and endurance according to IFA, is the best method of attaining victory and the quickest way to attract prosperity. A peaceful man prospers and possesses the power of Orunmila and the vibration of Obatala to get things done without attracting unnecessary attention, he achieves more with little effort and gain the world through wisdom acquired from the knowledge of divinities and OLODUMARE.

Whenever problem or challenges confine us to life of seclusion or isolation, we must be wise enough to use such important period to redefine our destiny and rediscover ourselves in the tumultuous world of nothingness. No one really discover himself or herself without maintaining secret, seclussion or silence. Take the jungle for instance, or movement of hunters  in the night, it requires lots of patience, calmness and silence in order to succeed on their mission. Likewise, patience, calmness and silence is important in order to acquire the vibration to recognise and understand the mystery embedded in the universe.

IFA says under OGBE OGUNDA, more is achieved in silence and secret than a bundle of noise making without solid spiritual foundation. Like a proverbial saying, empty barrel makes the loudest noise, as a barrel full of water or other form of liquid makes little or no noise. Note that success and prosperity come to a man who patiently and dedicatedly work for it.  Never allow challenges or enemies to frustrate you or turn you to a monster, remember that a man of wisdom will always be calm, peaceful and keep silent about his methods and as well develop a spiritual system or divine philosophy to overcome the forces of evil manipulations and attraction of AJOGUN ORUN. Be intelligent to patiently work hard, and take spiritual step unnoticed to keep adversaries and enemies at bay or on the run. Olodumare will guide and direct our paths righteously, Ase.


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