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Do not take revenge by Yourself


Do not take revenge by Yourself 

Yes, there is no point in taking revenge by yourself because doing so would tarnish your spiritual image.

OLODUMARE has created things , spirits and ORISA for different purpose.

You can’t say because you have Power and then decide to use the power to do evil, you can’t except you are evil yourself .

Have been to spiritual realm and back, Wean’t count how many times I go there in a day.

The powers are control by spirit which are placed under an orisa . You can’t sent them evil errand or call them just because you want to act evil. They would not even answer you because that is not their purpose .

Just because someone offend you, you feel like making them pay because you have one stupid power. Power doesn’t work like that and if you are using your power for such atrocities then you are not having a pure and true power. What you have are shadows of power from who knows where it is.

To handle matters or revenge,there are three steps which you might decide to take.

1: Leave it to karma – This is a natural law that start that whatever goes around, comes around. It might take karma years to inpact judgement but the judgment would surely come one day.

2. Go to IYAAMI ELEYE – They are given authority by OLODUMARE to bring balance and exert judgement on whoever disobey natural law. Someone offending you disobey the law of love all things equal, and other laws which may be quoted by IYAAMI ELEYE.

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3. Go to ESU – HE IS the minister of justice and he doesn’t like to be cheated . Someone deliberately dupe me and gave call you to make retribution and you are feeling like Someone important.. We would report you to ESU to get justice for me. 

This are the forcee who are in the field of revenge not you.

Don’t stain yourself because of whatever.

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