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Oyeku Meji Meaning


Eji Ogbe is light, Oyeku is dark. It is contraction. It is the mystery of the unknown. It refers to the end of a cycle. Many misguided folks freak out when Oyeku is cast, because it signifies death. But it rarely signifies physical death; and even if it does, so what? In Ifa we say, “Earth is the marketplace, Orun is home.” So who would be afraid of going home? The issue would be if it was warning of premature death. In Ire (positve manifestation), Oyeku brings a blessing of Alaafia (peace).
In ibi (negative manifestation) it would mean a premature ending of a cycle. From : Oyeku Meji from the elision o yeye iku means spirit of the mother of the death. It is a reference to the idea that nothing in the Universe is created or destroyed simply transformed. Death represents any end of cycle for example the end of poverty, the end of ill health, the end of confusion, and the end of loneliness. In this context death is a positive and also represents the end of cycles for example, the end of infancy, the end of childhood, the end of adulthood, and ultimately the end of this life as a stepping stone for the next life.

ORÍKÌ OYEKU MEJI (Invocation for Good Fortune)

Oyeku Meji, Oyeku Meji, Oyeku Meji leemeta. The Averter of Death, the Averter of Death, the Averter of Death, Weall you three times. Commentary: ending a cycle averts death by giving us a glimpse of what life looks like on the other side of the end of a particular cycle or state of Being. Mo be yin, bi iku ba sunmo itosi kie bami ye ojo iku fun. I beg you, if Death is coming, help us to avert it. Commentary: this is a plea to avert physical death. Ifa teaches that everyone has a maximum life span, and that this potential can be shortened or disrupted by ill advised actions. Si ehin Ogun tabi ogorun odun, tabi bi iku ba nbo kie bami yee si ehin ogofa. For all the years that We will be on the Earth, avert my Death until the pre-ordained time of passing.
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