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IFA TEACHING “Oyeku-Biri” – Ekundayo (Weeping Has Turned To Joy)

Olaleye was a well-to-do man but unfortunately he had no children. He had several wives but none of them could bring forth a child.

One day, his wives threatened that they were going to leave his house to find salvation else where. The prospect of living without his wives scared him so much that he decided to leave for the forest to commit suicide.

As he entered the bush, he began to cry that, he left heaven wishing to have all the good things of life but apparently his desire for children did not manifest.

He was then crying to his guardian angel that he was returning to heaven to make fresh wishes to have children. He cried the song right up to the bank of the river into which he proposed to dive and drown to end his life.

When he got to the river, as he made his last wish still crying, he heard a voice which advised him that he was not destined to be childless.

The voice ordered him to return home to look for a visiting Babalawo called Oyeku-biri. After hesitating for a little while, he sat down not knowing what to do next.

Before he left the river he heard a thunderous voice telling him that he would have 18 children and that each of his wives would have children provided he followed the advice of Oyeku-biri.

Olaleye lived in the town of lgboti, on getting home, he narrated his experience to the Oba of the town, who at that time had a visitor to his court.

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After hearing Olaleye out, the Oba asked him where he was supposed to come across his Babalawo and Olaleye replied that he did not have the slightest clue.

At that point the visitor asked him to repeat the name of the Babalawo he was supposed to look for. He replied that the name sounded like Oyeku-biri.

The Babalawo then brought out his Opele to make divination on the veracity of Olaleye’s story. It was Oyeku-biri that appeared at divination.

At that point, the visiting Babalawo identified himself as Oyeku-biri and that since his own Odu was the one which also appeared at divination, he confirmed that Olaleye’s story was not only correct but also that his cry for children would turn to glory and that the name of his first child should be Ekundayo, meaning: “weeping has turned to joy”.

The Babalawo then asked him whether he had six wives which he answered affirmatively. The Babalawo then told him to make sacrifice with plenty of ekuru, plenty of eko, 18 rabbits, 18 snails, 18 bats, 18 cowries, 18 bags of money and plenty of esho eni, the materials used for weaving mats. He was to scatter the seeds of the “esho eni”, into the bush. He went home to prepare for the sacrifice.

After making the sacrifice, all his six wives became pregnant the following month and they put to bed subsequently after Oyeku-biri had left for Ife, from where he came.

Before his wives delivered, the seeds he scattered in the forest had become a huge plantation which is why the first mat prepared in Yoruba land came from the town of lgboti.

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From using the Esho eni to prepare mats for sale, the family of Olaleye became exceedingly wealthy. He had eighteen children on the whole and did not lack the means of feeding them.

When this Odu comes out at divination, for a person who has long been anxious to have children, he should be told that his problems would soon be over, provided he make sacrifice.

He should be told to name his first child, Ekundayo or his language equivalent of “Weeping has turned to joy”. He should make a feast with plenty of Eko and Ekuru.

I pray for you reading this Odu of Oyeku-Biri, your weeping shall turn to Joy in the name of Olodumare. Ase !!!

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