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How does iyanifa costume for spiritual motive 🪬

How does iyanifa costume for spiritual motive

Iyanifa does now not admire a varied dressing code but most follows the next sample when doing spiritual work or for spiritual motive 

White Garments: They continually put on white cloth of the Awo on legend of White is generally linked with purity and spirituality in lots of African and Yoruba traditions. Iyanifas could per chance per chance also put on white clothing at some stage in spiritual ceremonies to symbolize purity, readability, and connection to the divine.

Sacred Symbols: They as soon as in a while raise sacred symbols of their head ORISA . These symbols are believed to defend spiritual significance and security.

Beads and Ornaments: iyanifa are continually dressed and uses Adornments savor beads, in particular these with suppose colours and patterns, can defend symbolic meanings. 

They could per chance per chance also symbolize suppose Orishas (deities) or deliver messages linked to the motive of the spiritual ceremony.

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