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Difference between Divine Authority and animal Horn authority


Difference between Divine Authority and animal Horn authority 

We have suffered while trying to find road in my life,  We have tried but I thank OLODUMARE that I never took any wrong or hasty steps. 

We have been to some places for prayer or spiritual work that the said pastor,  imam or Babalawo would bring animal horn wrap inside a red cloth. We are always happy anytime I saw the spiritualist bring an horn to enhance prayer. 

To be, the spiritualist is very powerful, so I thought and that is why We are always happy to see them horns. 

But to what outcome, nothing. Nothing happens and no changes whatsoever. 

Why didn’t it work, some head like mine can’t allow such spiritual work to work on us, it’s how OLODUMARE make it. 

Some of us our head doesn’t work with all sort of unnatural things. Things that would enforce something to happen with its own consequences of actions. 

As We was chilling with some meat and soup from my wife special night dishes, the thought of those trying times came to me and I think I need to put more light in it. 

Those who uses animal horn as authority lacks natural authority and power. They were never call to work as a spiritualist, if they were called they wouldn’t be using horn to prove their authority or have authority. 

During my quest for spiritual matters, We was taken before OBATALA and ORUNMILA, trained in an ancient and hardcore extreme painful way by OLOKUN. 

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My talks are always off in the eye and ears of other Babalawo but who cares. 

Using animal horn enforces some forces to rearrange things to work in the direction of what you say. 

Using force to do things is not always the way and it always come with a big consequences because it goes against the natural Law and order of things. 

The Babalawo that uses the horn, the client involve and everyone in their will pay directly or indirectly. 

The Babalawo who uses the horn would be feeding the horn to make it effective and current in powers. 

I do ORI BiBo for someone who is Irawo INA and before that day I pick a day for him to come because it’s all about picking a day for your star. 

The client arrived and I just put on a white cloth and do it.  

After everything, the client was like… Is this all?  And I said yes. 

Probably he was thinking We would bring animal horn to fortified his prayer but We are already one with the universe, I don’t need anything to enhance my prayer. 

Those who uses animal horn as authority lacks natural authority and they know but because of what they want to eat they don’t care, they uses this things to affect you. 

Authority is given to you the moment you do your IFA initiation and it grows bigger when you walk the part of righteousness. 

Many people are not ready to work the part of righteousness, they want to do all sort of evil and atrocities. 

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Using animal horn for authority, you will renew the power of the horn and indirectly you will be receiving punishment for forcing things to happen. 

Some people don’t believe in consequences, there are some instance consequences and there are some consequences that comes later in life or come to play km your next life. 

Many people don’t understand this, they would make an example of someone who did something similar and nothing happening him, they don’t know the persons level of account balance in the spiritual realm, they don’t know if the person is hiding their pain or the person is coming back to life to pay back for what the person had done. 

Well,  let there be moderation to everything. 


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