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Isoye (Brain Booster🧠)

Isoye (Brain Booster🧠)


Isoye, is a brain booster, that increase the IQ of a person, make one sharp and 🤓 Smart .

This ifa work will boost your mind and brain .

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Akose IFÁ is a combination of materials used for spiritual healing of the mind, body, spirit and soul.. There are several categories of IFA medicine that are used and serve as an important part of the IFA healing process work for an individual/devotee/priest. Akose can come in form of soap or powders, creams, oils and many more.
This AKOSE IFÁ medicine is used in different things, for all aspects of life, such as health, long life, victory, economic gain, protection against enemies or negative forms of witchcraft, improve love life, there are Akose Ifá medicines that are used for all diseases or curative aspects that is prepared for you.
Ire aiku – larga vida
Ire Ola – to increase wealth
Ire aje- to improve one’s financial situation
I’d go for second place for the win
Ire asekole- for one to build a house.
Ire oko- blessing of cars,
And those akose IFÁ didn’t make them with anything that could cause repercussions,
Akose IFÁ makes use of herbs, leaves, roots, feathers, animals etc. , and Ifa powder to produce the medicine needed to enhance spiritual and physical goals.. when born, born with glory but your enemies are no. I’m not giving it to you. allow. you achieve what you choose, and listen, don’t rush, that your parents die without achieving any achievement, without repercussions just for your business to increase and keep growing with more money, Olódùmarè/God who created us never ask what happen in my life that is stagnant without progress and evolution, all this leaves 🍃 effective and natural and all the materials we use to help us when we need it, your helper wouldn’t come to you after death, we wouldn’t suffer till the end of our life Ase baba OSAIN IBA. May all our process be a success Ase!

Osole: IFÁ Medicine for the goodness of money will help and boost your progress and economic growth 🤑💰

Osole Awure Ola: IFA medicine for the goodness of wealth will bring money to your life and customers to your business💰💵

Osole Owo Nlanla: IFA medicine for goodness of wealth will bring a lot of money into your life, money will come quickly 💵💰🤑

Eyonu: IFA medicine for popularity and fame people around you will be happy with you

Isoye: IFA Memory Medicine

Atude: IFA medicine to free people from bad luck or any spiritual problem

Aseta: IFA Medicine for Victory and Overcoming Enemies

Madarikan: IFA medicine for victory and protection against Enemies, this Akose is used to protect yourself from bad and evil people, all evil they do to you is returned to the person who sends it

Blessings: IFA Medicine for Prosperity, Open Paths, Evolution, Health, Love 🧡

Ebe Awon Agba: Medicina de IFÁ para el perdón, para el perdón de los Ancianos de la noche, para el perdón de las (brujas) Iyami con este Akose las (brujas) Iyami siempre te cuidarán y protegerán

Awure: IFA Medicine for Positive Vibrations also known as the Akose of Good Luck to Open the Paths to Prosperity, Progress, Evolution, Good Sales, Love, Work

Asiri bibo Owo Kiakia: IFA Medicine For Blessing Money 💰 If Anyone Need Money Urgently Asiri Bibo Will Help You Get The Money You Need Urgently

Iferan: IFÁ Medicine for Love, for Attraction 😍❤️ People Love Whoever Is Using Iferan

Gbogbonise: IFA medicine for your health care helps purify your body and keeps you healthy free from diseases

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