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Apayo (Accidents safer)

Apayo (Accidents safer)


Are you someone who travel alot by car ,Bike, or even plane , or you are a construction worker, you work where accidents or mistake that take life happens??

If yes this IFA work might be the exactly what you need to safe you from any car crash, plane crash accident.

How does this Apayo works

  •   This ifa work is triggered by danger, Accidents or it walking accident could have kill . Lets elaborate more :

For instance you are inside a car 🚗 and another car hit and crash on to you.. instead of you to be injured or even die…

Apayo will move you away from the car to the road side or any nearest safe place .

It more like transporter but this is very effective.. because it is trigger by Danger ..

Another example: you are walking or going out, and a gun is fired at you or about to reach you. Apayo will take you away from any bad stuff. But it mostly work for car accident , plane crash, house demolished (if you inside ) it take you out in a blind of an eye.

Method of Application 

You can have it as:

  • Apayo Ring 💍.
  • Apayo Neck chain ⛓️
  • Apayo Black powder that will eat. 
  • Apayo Gbere (mark with blade then use black powder on it . 

You can choose to have it in any of the listed method…

If you have any questions about this .. kindly reach out to us via WhatsApp or email us at [email protected]

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