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Ritual and practice for the betterment of your life and fulfillment of your destiny

Ebo – sacrifice, ceremony and ritual

Where a consultation is the first step on the path to improved life, Ebo follows as a close second. Every time we Consult Ifa, there is a prescription for evolution and success, to surmount the odds or cement the odds in our favor, to dance through the tribulation and ultimately create a successful outcome. Ebo literally means sacrifice – to give one thing in order to receive another thing – most notably to receive a successful outcome.

The Babalawo holds the ASE (power) and authority to carry out the ebo on behalf of the person inquiring and activate it to manifest change.

There is no complete list of the potential Ebo’s to look over as a reference; the Ebo for each individual is determined at the time of Consulting Ifa and is far from cookie-cutter.

Below, though, you will find a basic overview of some of the common rituals, ceremonies and ebos in Ifa and Orisa used to manifest change.

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Isefa – Hand of Ifa

The blueprint of your life (prior to initiation). This ceremony is a one- to three-day process, culminating with the reception of your Odu – your sacred contract with destiny as you currently experience it. You will be taught how to develop spiritual intimacy with Ifa and your Ori (inner head), as well as Ifa’s message on how to navigate your way through life smoothly.

Ibori – cleaning the head

Before anything else, we are told to know ourselves – to honor Ori (inner head). Knowing the self is quiet, private, and reflective. A person who knows their own Ori, knows themselves, will end up much better than one who is holds high position but lacks knowledge of self. Self-knowledge prevents us from being fooled, or going down a path not in our best interest; it is protection from the inside out.


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Spiritual tools

An array of spiritual tools exist that don’t require initiation – receiving Orisas such as Ori, Egbe and a formal ancestral shrine are the most common examples, as well as elekes (beaded necklaces), charms and spiritual soaps or medicines.

Ancestral veneration

It is important to always remember those that have come before. By working with and elevating your Ancestors through prayer, service, listening, and offerings, you are better able to not only spiritually heal members of current or unborn family, but also yourself. Venerating and working closely with your own ancestors is a powerful step towards a happy life on Earth.

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Initiation to Orisa / Ifa

We both initiates seekers locally at his Temple and hosts trips 1-2 trips per year to West Africa. Some of the various Orisas one may initiate to include the following: Ifa, Esu, Obatala, Osun, Sango, Ogun, Osoosi, Obaluaye, Yewa, Yemoja, Olokun, Oya, Egbe, Osanyin, Egungun, Gelede, and various societies within the tradition, etc. Please contact us for details on how to arrange this if you are interested

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