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“Initiation” means to begin, marking the first stage of a new life working with energies of Orisa and/or Ifa. Ifa teaches us that there are many reasons for initiation. For example, often in life after experiencing various hardships without an identifiable cause, initiation may be called for in order to reveal to us the taboos or life […]

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Ritual and practice for the betterment of your life and fulfillment of your destiny Ebo – sacrifice, ceremony and ritual Where a consultation is the first step on the path to improved life, Ebo follows as a close second. Every time we Consult Ifa, there is a prescription for evolution and success, to surmount the odds or […]

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IFA ORACLE CONSULTATION One need not wait for a problem to arise to seek the solution Schedule a consult People of all cultures, personal backgrounds and walks of life come seek knowledge or direction through divination everyday. One such traditional divination system is the Yoruba method known as Ifa. Consulting Ifa will allow you to access hidden […]

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