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Do You know Your Problem Might not be Normal or Medical⚕️💉 ?? Why not Try 🧘‍♂️🧘 Spiritual Solution ?? | You could Seek Spiritual Solutions your issue by contacting us ⤵️

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[Easy to do] Money Ritual + Blessing Soap for everyone -not bloodmoney

Money + Blessing Ritual Soap .

[Easy to do] Money Ritual + Blessing Soap for everyone this is not bloodmoney . But will increase your success and blessing

This ifa money ritual soap is very simple to do yet it give very powerful result withing 3days .


  1. 7 Magic leaves for male & 9 Magic leaves for Female . (Ewe Abamoda Meje)
  2. 7 Alligator pepper for male & 9 for female ( Odindi Atare Idi Meje for okunrin tabi mesan fun Obirin
  3. 1 dead Chameleon 🦎 (Oga Kan)
  4. Any paper money (Owo beba )e.g N100 ,/$5
  5. Some black soap .(Ose Abuwe )


Blend and mix all items with the soap 🧼. Put it inside white plastic or polybag .


  • At NIGHT , Put POT ON 🔥 FIRE (Gas, stove , anything) then add 1,2 or 3 Coconut water and add some portion on the soap to it .
  • Wait till the water get hot and all soap 🫧 dissolved . Take the hot water to the bath room, and put sponch inside the hot water..

TIPS* You can slow down for the water to cool down a bit before taking the bath .

* The soap is to be bath Maximum 3 times a month and only on Friday night .

* The soap 🫧 works 💯 , tested and confirmed.

Am Awo Abiola Omolola from CONSULTifá Spiritual Solution Centre
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