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Why fabricate folks scurry to church after gleaming the truth ? 🪬

Why fabricate folks scurry to church after gleaming the truth ?

So many of us delight in effort, they’ve fasted for years and composed no solution.

They understanding they could give outdated religion a are trying to they did and the trouble turn into solve .

I get it worrying that they composed proceed going to church despite the truth they their prayer wasn’t acknowledge within the church .

What’s going to delight in been the save off of such.

They save now no longer should always be seen as a Yoruba outdated person 

They’re petrified of what others would converse 


They edifying esteem the gathering of many of us 

Or doubtlessly for the enterprise and connection they got.

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Am opened to learn 

This Article is written by AWO ABIOLA (whatsapp +2349169827000) For non secular steering and IFA session.

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