Who Is Orisa Ogun Pt 1 ?

According to our elders Ogun is a primordial Yoruba deity, meaning was part of the Irunmole who came down from the heavens or other star constellation with the 401 Irunmole elders teach us that it was his chain that was used to bring the Irunmole from head to earth.

What Is Orisa Ogun Colors?

Black only is the main colour used among the traditional Ogun Priests in West African among the Yoruba people and when the IFA Orisa tradition travelled with our ancestors it became Green and Black in various countries such as America USA.

What Are Ogun’ Children Like in nature?

Children of Ogun in character are very compassionate , very loyal and caring people, at times stubborn in nature, yet firm and straight forward to the point . Ogun’ children love to work, and tend to get into conflicts or fights. In addition they can be misunderstood, as through conflict there is resolution and their views can be seen as them being too argumentative. Ogun’ children make great IFA Orisa priests diviners, craftsman’s , blacksmiths, doctors surgeons, mechanics, farmers, tutors, anything creative with there hands, and fast on there feet, they have the ability to fix anything and they are always on the move with amazing energy and strength.

The children of Ogun must avoid alcohol or avoid using ANY weapons knives guns.

What Is the Hail for Ogun?


Which means in Yoruba West African Language language “Ogun lives and I live too”.

What Is Yoruba Language not taught in schools all throughout the USA?

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Indeed, we do see a lack of acknowledgement of the various lanuages being taught in Schools all over the USA , UK , The West.

More parents and locals need to push and request for African lanuages to be taught especially to African decendants all over the world. Language we do urge people who are African American, Afro Carribean, Afro British All African decendants to encourage there local schools to incorporate African Languages such as Yoruba because they acquaint speaking African Languages as the mainly from countries such as France ( French) and Britain (English) however, this is not soley not the case if you do your research. Not many African decendants or people all around the world know how to speak there original tongue, and this raises serious questions as to why this has been a struggle to implement and why this should be done and made as a stronger issue raised by parents and guardians to there local school districts.

I’ve done an Yoruba DNA test and I see Im from West African Yoruba people west Africa what should I do to further connect with my people.

That’s excellent and we encourage you to receive an Egungun ancestral roots reading to futher your knowledge and investigation about your people and the exact place they were from. We can do this and much more by doing this Egungun ancestral reading which goes into depth about who the spirit and the bloodline of your ancestors. In order for you to know who you really are , as well as know your destiny, you have to know what blood line you was born into and the family lineage. Much situations are caused not only that you physically inherited BUT what you have SPIRITUALLY inherited. Its so important to investigate.

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Do people in IFA Orisa pray?

Yes, We do pray , prayer ( Iwure) is a very important aspect of our culure as we a deeply spiritual people and prayer originated from West Africa where life truly began for All African people in African and the whole dispora.

What Is Oriki ?

This is a prayer or song, chant for a specfic allocated Orisa. Every Orisa has there own Oriki form of prayer that is personal for them only.

What Is Chanting?

This is how our ancestors in West Africa Communicated with IFA, Orisa and Egungun, Chanting is a form of singing, songs, worship and prayer of verses pass down from mouth to ear from out elders.

Is it good for me to pray before I leave out of the everyday house?

Yes, this is highly recommended it’s even better to pray as soon as you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed. When we say prayer we say and spark how we want the day to be , it starts from our way of thinking first from our head, our Ori, the inner voice of inner mind then projects in the vocal , we speak mentally everyday and talk everyday. How much out of the day do you spend time to pray?

What Are Orisa Ogun Favorite Foods?

We always strongly advise before you are to make offerings to Orisa Ogun or prayers please check either through divination readings and with Consult IFA Priests or administration first.

Black eyes peas, gin, palm oil palm wine.

When Is The Ogun Festival Celebrated?

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The Ogun festival is celebrated in Ondo between the months of August and September every year.

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