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Who Are The Great Iyami Aje? (The Great Ancestral Mothers)

Who Are The Iyami Osonronga?

In the Yoruba West African language, Iya means ‘Mother,’ while Ìyámi translates to ‘my mother.’ The Mothers embody the role as the force of creation, sustainer of life and existence, elevating her to the realm of the infinite divine. The word Ìyámi -in tones becomes Ìyààmi or Ìyàmi, which can translate as “the super-powerful ones” or “My Mysterious Mother. Yoruba is a tonal language; therefore, a change in tone from the same word can translate a different meaning.

Iyami Aje is known by many praise names, which include, but are not limited to, Iyami Osoronga, Awon Iya Wa (Our Mothers), Eleye (Owner(s) of the Sacred Bird) Iya Iyami, Egbe Iyalode Oshun, Iyemoja Oya, etc.

How do I know if We are on the right side of the Iyami or the wrong side?

​​The Iyami, according to our elders, are neutral forces, meaning they can work for the positive or the negative. For example, like all mothers, they can show a harsh or loving side. We never want to offend the physical or spiritual Ori (head) of our Mothers, Wives, Sisters, and Daughters. We must always strive to show respect and good character. This is because, as a mother, a woman naturally possesses the basic access or means to connect with the Iyami (Aje)/Ase power, good or bad. However, much discipline is required. This is why we need our conduits to observe Orisha activities or Ose prayer days to help balance these forces. Many people may undergo hardships because they avoid the essence of respect or humility towards the physical mothers of their ancestral lineage.

You’ve likely heard from an elder the phrase, ‘if you do not listen, you will feel,” or “if you do not listen, life will teach you.”http://www.consultifa.com/”

When you disobey your mother or give her a hard time because of stubbornness or bad character, then this is when the energy of Iyami, the ancestral Egbe council of mothers, may step in to intervene positively or negatively to teach us a lesson or support us, based on the decisions we make. Thus, we should take the best option to develop wisely and listen to good advice.

Weannot sleep at night. Does this automatically mean I should receive a personal IFA Divination?

A common sign that you may need to make appeasements to the Iyami (spiritual and physical) is if you are a person or child who lacks sleep at night or suffers from stomach problems. It would be in your best interest to receive an Ifa divination to ensure the Iyami do not bother you negatively. Sometimes the reason may be due to prior situations, from a past life, or inherited events from people of your bloodline or ancestors.

The harsh energy of a physical or spiritual Iyami Ancestral Mother may be causing problems as a result of a violation of the natural law of life situations, this includes if you are mistreating young girls or women, domestic violence or abusing women/girls, offending your wife, daughter, girlfriend, committing adultery or disrespecting your mother in any way. It just depends on what actions are being implemented on a daily basis that can channel the agreeable side or the disagreeable side of the Iyami Ancestral Mothers.

This is why IFA Divination Consultations, Ancestral Roots Divinations, Ebo, and Akose IFA medicines are key to stopping unknown or unforeseen issues we may not be aware of, or know how they should be handled. These are the things that should be handled by professional, trained, and competent Babalawo/Iyanifa IFA Priests, Olorisha Priests, or Egungun Priests.

What Is Aje?

Aje is the Orisa of Wealth. When appeased, she provides an opportunity for us to attract money, wealth, and prosperity. Aje is a feminine energy that is adored and appeased to attract the energy of good luck into our lives. Women are the physical aspect of that female energy of wealth. The Mothers and women run the markets, and institutions. Aje’s energy is the backbone of the family and attracts and knows how to manage businesses and economics.

According to our elders and in Yoruba IFA culture, every woman should strive to run and own their own market or own their own business. This way the natural essence and spirit of Aje will work and sit with them. In IFA divination, it may be advised to receive the shrine of Aje for more support and connection with wealth. Therefore, if you have the market/business which is the physical aspect of pertaining wealth and you obtain the Shrine of Aje which acts as the spiritual tool to activate wealth and resources, your situation will be balanced.

Aje, in the spiritual realm, is an unseen invisible power associated with the all-seeing eyes. You may encounter elderly women with markings under their eyes. All Aje can see into many worlds and realms. Aje is also a power that is natural feminine Power; only transferred from mother to daughter.

It is said by our elders that even the crown of an Oba, A King, suggests that the use of the birds (Eyele) represent the Iyami and is a huge part of the sanctification of the monarchy.

In the Odu Ose Tura, our elders express from mouth to ear that Oshun was the head of the Iyami and gave birth to Esu, which bridged the gap and brought harmony to the female empowerment movement of women being respected by men. If you have a wife, daughter, sister, or friend, we must always strive to honor and elevate the mother inherited within her. Supporting and encouraging motherhood forces that is to become for the future and next generations is essential. Once you cross into motherhood, all children become your own. As our elders say, “it takes a village to raise a child.”

There is nothing we can do without our physical and spiritual mothers. Oshun’s healing waters are the primordial waters that protect every child in the mother’s womb. Iyemoja is the great mother of the world and the ocean that protects the earth. Oya is the warrior winds that push forth the powerful revolutionary changes that, as women, we have to undergo. Oya rebuilds our foundation with revolution and change.

Àjẹ́ is a Yoruba word that signifies African women’s biological and spiritual power, including powers of elemental, biological, and artistic creation; healing; destruction; spiritual and physical development and fortification; and political organization and empowerment. Aje is a force beyond English and human comprehension and should not be disregarded. May our actions spark the support and protection of our great ancestral mothers support Ase.

How are Women or Descendants of African women related to Aje?

According to our elders, women, or descendants of African /Caribbean people are the direct biological and spiritual progeny of Odù, African Nubian women bear various aspects and forces called Àjẹ́. In addition, Àjẹ́ is associated with All women because of all essential roles in conceiving, giving birth, carrying and nurturing children, and other vital obligations.

African women are the owners and controllers of the energy of Aje due to the type of power Aje projects; Aje represents the “mystic powers of womanhood.” Nevertheless, the Eurocentric religions try to demonize and use scare tactics to identify the Yoruba concept of Aje as the terminology associated with the negative aspects of today known as ‘witch’ or ‘witchcraft.’ These terminologies come from German origins as well as old English. In the system of IFA, culture, and tradition, it does not use the European concept of a Witch to define what Iyami-Aje, our ancestral mothers, represent physically or spiritually. There is a massive difference between both concepts and their meanings.

What Is The Importance of Motherhood?

In the Yoruba IFA culture, it is said there is no one like your mother. A mother is the first teacher and person you look upon when you are born. We must always look upon and respect our physical and spiritual mothers. A mother experiences pain and near-death experience to give us life. Motherhood is the highest form of initiation in the physical realm and a rites of passage that ONLY a woman can walk to learn and experience.

A mother serves as the connection between bringing life from the spiritual realm to the physical. She is the guardian and protector of the earth and a conduit that automatically leads us to Olodumare, God of the Universe.

In the Yoruba culture, once you become a mother, you are automatically part of this profound Ancestral Egbe. You must learn to follow the rules and laws of motherhood to preserve our children’s longevity.

Is There An Initiation For Iyami Osoronga /Aje/Elders Of The Night?

There is no initiation. According to our elders, it isn’t necessary. Offerings are given in many places. One of the main places is through Esu Shrine, but others are advised through Ifa Divination from an IFA Priest.

Are There Shrines For The Iyami/Elders of the night?

No. Many offerings are made in nature by selective places determined through the orientation in IFA Divination, which the Babalawo and Iyanifa will inform you of at the time.

What Is Ase?

Ase is the Life Force breathed into all living things on earth from Olodumare. It is the power to create. Ase translates to “so be it.” It is the word that means the power to command.

What Animals Symbols closely represent the Ancestral Mothers Iyami?

Cats, owls, crows, and other birds are symbolic or sacred animals of the Ancestral Mothers. According to our elders, the birds see everything, report back to their Egbe society in the trees and Mother Nature, and talk about everyone or their findings, especially in the morning.

What Types Offerings do the Iyami like?

Palm oil, eggs, beans, and many more, are advised through professional investigation when you receive an IFA Divination. Under the

wisdom and guidance of the system of IFA, It’s important to appease the physical aspects

of the feminine energy. Women possess such great power from the great ancestral mothers, a combination that, at times, might be an overwhelming force for women to hold naturally in connection with the Iyami.

May the Ancestral Mothers support all excellent things in this world, Ase

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