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Who Are Orisa Egbe Part 1?

Have you been possessed or have trance or mounted by Orisa or Spirit? Do you dream of groups of people? Do you have challenges with character or always seem to be in trouble? Do you seem to draw to bad groups and are influenced by friends easily? Are you always in some problem? Do you eat a lot of snacks? Do you lose items often? Do you always dream of parties, markets, funerals, celebrations? Do you get influenced by groups of people? Are you always attracted to the universe looking up at the stars? Do you feel more better in group settings? Do you feel like you are not from here? 

Who Are Egbe?

If yes, then most likely you could be a child of Egbe Orun or your head Orisa is Egbe. (However always check by Consult IFA IFA Divination readings to best determine your head Orisa). Egbe Orun are our comrades in heaven, and they are also according to our elders in the IFA tradition our strong supportive group in ther heaven and also on earth. Egbe are referred to as our heavenly mates our supportive partners or allocated group of peers from heaven. In the holy odus Ogbe Yonu and Ogbe Osa verses it mentions that Egbe Orun supports us and protects us along with our Ori Head that we chose in heaven and our destiny (IFA ) Which Orunmila Eleri ipin ibikeji Eledumare bore witness to, Orunmila being the second in command to Eledumare. According to our elders whatever Egbe Group you are affiliated with in heaven, this is the same group you will be affiliated here on earth. Egbe Orun are the group that influences us and is greatly in conjunction with our destiny. Egbe help support with our leadership abilities. The Word Egbe according to our elders means group. Orun Means Heaven

What Is the Importance of Egbe?

Firstly, it is highly important to determine if you’re head Orisa is Egbe of your ancestor’s family have major influence of Egbe Orun. Meaning your head Orisa is Egbe or not. Secondly, we can determine this when a newborn baby is born. We cannot stress to you enough to arrange for the newborn baby to receive a IFA birth divination and to take immediately to a Babalawo or Iyanifa IFA Professional trained IFA Priest within the first 7 days (if a girl)or the first 9 days (if a boy) of life on earth for the parents to receive an IFA birth Divination and have all necessary ebos and prayers done in order to make sure the first 7 years of the life this newborn baby is firm and stable on earth. 

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Our elders teach us that the first seven-year cycle of life is the most important besides the formation of the baby within the womb of the mother. The first cycle outside of the womb is important spiritually as well as physically of life. We have to do spiritual investigation through IFA reading divination to check to know what type of spirit has been brought into the world, and coming through the mother’s portal, if the spirt good or bad, or if this child choose a good Ori or bad Ori or if they rushed to earth without making the proper ebos and appeasements, where does this spirit or child come from? How this life will impact the families and the ancestral bloodline to help guide the parents how to guide the child to be successful on their path and destiny.

We must make it our responsibility as a family, community. as a Egbe family to ensure that the newborn is arriving and landing in the right hands to assist them on their right path and destiny, and not the wrong hands and ensure the first steps, into this world of the newborn meets and touches the earth soil and most importantly the Opon IFA of a Professional Babalawo, Iyanifa IFA Priest. We have to save the children from ajogun , negative spirits and most of all enemies that want to destroy of cause distractions. 

Are we born with enemies that come with us into this world?

Yes, as soon as you are in your mother’s womb you could be surrounded by enemies who do not want this child to be born for whatever reason. This is even why it’s equally as important for the mother to have IFA readings while being pregnant and carrying the child, even prior to the child, it is important for the woman to check with IFA through a reading if the man is the right choice or compatible person to have a baby, what is the bloodline? You must know what you are getting yourself into, and so with the right IFA divination and guidance and education it could prevent us from making serious mistakes, this goes back also to making sure you receive a relationship IFA reading and an ancestral roots reading. People take love and life for face value, but you cannot, it goes more deeper, and a solution can be given to ensure you are the one who comes out the victorious one. Ase Don’t worry we will elaborate more in other article blogs. Or you can contact us asap for more guidance.

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( Contact Consult IFA IFA Babalawo IFA Priest For A Birth Divination. 

We hear of infants who have cot deaths, does this have anything to do with Egbe?

In many cases based on divination investigation yes, or what we refer to as abiku child which means a “child born to die”. To prevent any misfortunate circumstances a urgent IFA birth divination will intercept such fate and the IFA Babalawo or Iyanifa team Egbe IFA Priests will know what to do via directives of IFA. This is why the IFA divination reading is always the first step. 

remove all ajogun negative spirits to protect the child. 

If you can do anything for your children, this would be the most important spiritual and physical life insurance you could do to secure the longevity of the child/baby and take them to a professional competent trained Babalawo or Iyanifa IFA Priest who knows or has over at least 25 years’ experience to perform a IFA birth divinations and professional ebos. This can range for 9 days with combinations of divinations and ebo prayers, rituals. During this IFA birth divination, we find out exactly what type of spirit of where this baby before human life form comes from and who supports there Ori head. 

It’s so important to get a birth divination done to also see of the child is abiku child or Egbe child from the heavens Egbe Orun. In the IFA tradition there is not only an earthly physical bound world. There is also a spiritual world a heaven of which Olodumare Eledumare is the God of the Universe. 

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In addition, we as humans are not just only physical our soul our spirit comes from the spiritual realm Egbe Orun and when we dream at night we know this because our conscience mind travels not our body. 

This is why we dream. If we dream, we are in Egbe Orun, The spiritual heavenly universal realm. Our elders teach us that before we came to earth we was part of a particular category of Egbe, or belong with a specific group. There are various groups that can be good or bad. However, this group we had a particular position and if your head is determined as Egbe then much work has to be done. Because if not there could be a chance your Egbe may call you back home to the heaven at any time. So much investigation must be done and appeasements to make sure that our Egbe does not take us before our destinated time on earth. 

My Baby has trouble sleeping at night, could this be because of their Egbe bothering them?

First, we cannot determine what the issue is until we do a IFA divination or a IFA birth divination. There are many spiritual factors as to why an infant or child even adult may not be sleeping at night. However, Iyami the great ancestral mothers according to our elders are considered a form of Egbe or group the ancestral mothers.

The Egbe that the newborn child came from before coming to earth could be calling the child back home. Furthermore, if the child was born into a traumatic situation from both parents for example a mother being abused by her husband such as domestic violence, surrounded by people who may not want the child born or using various forms of witchcraft this could impact the child and so much spiritual work must be done to protect the destiny of the child and so that the child Egbe does not call him or her back to the heaven.

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