What Is The Importance of Sacrifice Pt 1 ?


Who Is Orisa Ogun?

The Yoruba elders say ” Ogun o ba wa mu ire wa” May Orisa Ogun pave our way to bring us the blessing in this life. Orisa Ogun is the masculine energy and Yoruba traditional Orisa or Deity of Iron.

Orisa Ogun in the West African IFA traditional culture is the King of warriors and one of the most powerful Orisa.

What Type of offerings do we give to Orisa Ogun?

One out of the many offerings is oti and this helps to sustain and bring the movement of prosperity wealth ( All offerings must be done by a trained IFA or Orisa Priest who has been certified and trained. Orisa Ogun is not an Orisa that you go to and you don’t know what you are doing or know how to communicate with his energy. WARNING: Please do not attempt any advice or wisdom we give by yourself without guidance from trained IFA Orisa Priests. You are also advised to receive a IFA Divination to ascertain exactly what is needed to help you reach your highest potential and all blessings in your life Ase.

What day do we pray to Orisa Ogun?

The second day after Ose IFA day. Is Ose Ogun, Ose Sango, Ose Obatala, . This is the basic order. There are other Orisa that share the same days but start with the basic to get the flow first then proceed to remember the other Orisa. The traditional Yoruba Calendar of West Africa ISESE practitioners , follow 4-5 day week. In the Gregorian calendar there are 7 days or the names of the week are named after Eurocentric Greek Roman Gods. Therefore, from Monday to Sunday you are calling on European deities/Gods.

What does Isese mean?

Our ancestors are Isese. Isese is our tradition of our fore fathers and fore mothers that have been passed down through the family lineage, the orginal practices and customs and the people who existed on earth before us. There bloodline traditions Isese is our Orisa, Isese is our head our Ori. Isese is where we honour and show homage to our ancestors true culture and traditions.

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In the odu IFA Ogunda Owonrin Ifa says we should alway make appeasement to our father’ and mother’ Ancestors and Orisa wherever we are in serious need and trouble.

What Is Sacrifice/ ebo?

Sacrifice is the spiritual perception and combination of prayers materials used during the sacrifice so that human beings will to witness problems or the same problems rising again from childhood or hereditary problems. This is why we have to practice Egungun Ancestral worship. So the problem of the past in our blood line does not follow us in our personal lives and within the generational family bloodline.

It’s only through sacred ebo sacrifice that we can seek favour from Eledumare, Orisa Egungun to solve our problems here on earth. You see there are so many distractions and material things, formed and created to make sure we do not identify these problems because it’s the problems that keep cooperations, institutions, in business and mainly in POWER.

In the Odu IFA Okanran Odi: Ifa says that ebo will help to save generational problems for our generations.

This goes for ALL HUMANITY. So depending on the actions of our ancestors who came before us , determines the severity of the problems, the reasons why there are problems, are because human beings create them by our own actions and what we do unconsciously or subconsciously, through behaviour as we know to be IWA, Character.

Meaning it could be that we know or who simply don’t know, but can you image how much unresolved problems we have inherited in our ancestral bloodline and within our DNA , which affects our IWA behaviour. Therefore, in essence the ebos help to claer and remove blockages and generational curses that are inherited through generations or by our actions on our personal destiny. Because if you do not start now, believe that sooner or later the spiritual responsibilities. Will CATCH UP ON YOU AND YOUR FUTURE CHILDREN.

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Why Do I need to sacrifice?

According to our elder Egbe Babalawos and Iyanifa, if you have not done ebo or made sacrifice then you cannot know the POWER of sacrifice.

Ifa says that “its sacrifice that saves on in a day of turbulence”. need to sacrifice to SAVE YOUR LIFE and to remove the problem in the seen and unseen worlds, you need to know what direction you must go in , you need guidance on all decisions and know where to go, you can’t kill energy but your can transform it and this is how we transform by using the system and profound art of ebo. A very in-depth stronger form of intervention with African Yoruba authentic, original ,traditional methods of prayer. The ebo prayer ritual – before colonist invaded and forced an unrelated cultural prayer system from European influence. In order to learn we must research the history of a culture in the best way we can so we can understand the behavioural patterns of various cultures and natures within the world.

How often should I make ebo and sacrifice?

When you feel like something is not right! Every five days, or the very least once a month its just depends on your financial situation.

How can Sacrifice Solve my Problem?

Firstly, what is important before sacrifice is STRONG FAITH & TRUST and even IFA says sacrifice must be often not only once. One sacrifice and ebo will not solve all your problems! It’s important for you to understand this because when people come to IFA divination they think that this is the case and we have to be honest with you. This is a way of life and its is maintenance. What you put in is exactly what you will get out. And you MUST FOLLOW THE WISDOM ans ADVICE of IFA and The IFA trained Priest who is guiding you. You must remember that we all are human and we all have character. Keep motivated to reach your highest potential, Everyday you have to be disciplined and in a routine. For example, do your best not to leave your house without making that connection with Eledumare ( God of the Universe) your mind Ori, your ancestors, and Orisa and not pray and meditate or communicate with the RIGHT Gods and your ancestors who will hear and listen to your plea, and grant them. We have a way to communicate with them and this is not strange this is the IFA way of life.

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In order to see and witness progress in one’ life you must make sacrifice ebo consistently.

Is IFA like Tarot cards?

Tarot cards do indeed hold some truth and we do not discriminate any spirituality and its origins come from the 1400′ according to sources coming from Milan Florence the founder of Tarot is Antoine Court De Geblin a French man. Its origin further came from Egypt and now has developed a new age era. However, the system of IFA cannot compare to this system. The system of IFA is not a religion, its a spirituality which predates all religions and starts from the beginning of time. No one knows the exact time or date. Because at the beginnning there was no such thing as time, it was just Olodumare in the state of nothingness and existence. IFA is universal wisdom and guidance that relates to our destiny and purpose in this life.

How Do I find out my Head Orisa?

You will need to receive a IFA Divination Reading from Consult IFA IFA Priest or an Olorisa Trained Priest.

The Egungun ancestors need you to listen and do not forget good behavior is the key for our people need to think better and keep positive and stay encouraged “.

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