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What Is The Importance Of A 2024 IFA Yearly Divination Reading?

Iba Olodumare Iba IFA Iba Egungun Iba Orisa

Ekaabo – Welcome

Aboru Aboye As we are approaching the end of 2023 there is a need to prepare immediately for your personal up and coming new year by receiving your personal IFA 2024 Yearly Divination. Yes the gregorian new year calander 2024 is just around the corner. Thus, in order to ensure that your 356 days are progressive and well. A 2024 Yearly IFA Divination will help us ensure and secure your your blessings to reach you that year, of long life, victory, money wealth, good health , whatever IFA specfies for you we must either advert danger and change the energy into positive blessings by doing the prescribed ebos or we have to secure and seal the blessings to ensure a successful good 2024 year. This is important to make ebos prayers, and the prescrived ebos and make the appeasements to the Orisa that will be accompanying you during the 2024 year. We strongly advise you book your IFA yearly divination for 2024. Accepting now and very important to schedule a IFA Yearly divination reading and make ebo sacrifice to ensure the prayers we make are accepted well and manifest for us for the new year.

What is the difference between a IFA General Divination and IFA Yearly Divination Reading?

Both Divinations serve there specfic purposes and are equally just as important to do as humans. According to our elders and our tradition it is reccommended that an IFA general spiritual divination should be done every 5 days (Ose Ifa) For IFA devotees who have there Hand of IFA especially or Ikin IFA or every 2 weeks ( Itadogun) For IFA trained Priests Babalawo Iyanifa /community or once a month to do a General IFA Divination check for all people in general.

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If there are any emergencies you should receive a IFA divination asap, if you feel depressed or unbalanced or just feel like something is not right, always follow your senses , thoughts and your higher intuition or mind ( Ori) and be aware of distractions. If you are feeling like you need a IFA Divination it is important to listen to this thought as this is your Ori ( head) your higher mind alarming you to check on your destiny and your progression. The same notion applies if your IFA Ide beads breaks, this is sign that you need a IFA divination asap. This is Orunmila himself giving you warning to do so asap, to advert any further complications or even danger. This is why it is good for all people to wear the Ide of IFA on there left wrist for there protection . IFA you a re a true devotee of IFA you have to wear a Ide of IFA. As stated in the hold odu Okanran Sode. This should be only put on you or given to you by a trained Babalwo or Iyanifa IFA Priest.

For example, if you are a person that likes to travel , its in your best interest and safety to make IFA divination and make the ebos to ensure that your travel plans are successful and to also do a spriritual check or scan to make sure its a good time to travel. Timing is everything!

Do you know that so many people could of avoid many unusual circumastances if they had the wisdom of IFA and the support of Esu and Ogun to appease and ensure that there roads and pathway is open to have a successful outcome. We highly suggest that before you travel YOU MAKE IFA DIVINATION AND MAKE EBOS.

IFA Divination, Ebos, and akose IFA traditional medicine SAVES LIVES ASE

This will save your life. This goes across the board, not just for travelling but for anything. Random IFA divination readings makes sure there is progression and general well being in your life. To make sure that the energies are providing spiritual, mental and physical protection for you and your family. In the IFA tradition we acknowledge the importance of knowing what is ahead on our path to ensure that the family and community are well protected and guided in the right way from the wisdom of IFA , by observing the wisdom of IFA coming from the Odu that is chanted, the stories and prayers .

It is then your responsibility to listen and adhere to the wisdom, directions, and warnings, to secure the blessings and prevent misfortune in your life. by doing the ebos its reinforces good fortune, balance, happiness , peace of mind, victory and all the blessings to be opened to reach us and that we do not face the wrath of the Iyami Osonronga, Ajogun negative forces such as death, illness, accidents, witchcraft etc. We make IFA divination and ebo to change the energy so to prolong our life and have a good life on earth as well as appease the good natural energy forces Orisa and fullfill our purpose and destiny in this life. We all have a valid good reason why we are here and its important to know why so we can fullfill our true calling. You chose your destiny before you came to earth.

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The Yearly IFA Divination reading by way of IFA helps us to foresee how the up and coming year will be. Once we are able to know what to expect, then an ebo prescription is made and investigated to appease IFA Orisa Egungun Ori and specifed Orisa. To maintain balance and harmony and for you to know what to expect and how to behave during the month.

What Is Isese day?

The Original tradition practiced in West Africa Nigeria, before colonism and the invasion of other religions, was and still is today the tradition IFA. Although mainly Islam and Christianity are practiced today in West Africa IFA travelled throughout the dispora during the Africa Holocaust. The official Odun Yearly New Year for IFA traditionalist is called Isese Day. This is celebrated on August 20th. This is the official commerative day observed by all Yoruba people and descedants of dispora who know that there ancestors are linked to the region of West Africa Nigeria. IFA traditionlists and practioners worldwide practice the first tradition and culture of the Yoruba people in West Africa Nigeria. The first practice of what our ancestors lived was the spirituality of IFA.

What do we do on Isese day?

On this day we make community IFA divinations prayers, ebos, celebrate and perform festivities, drummers, music,and elevate our Egungun, our ancestors, our traditional Gods and we appease IFA Orisa. We remember our fore mothers and fore fathers and their ancestral traditional customs, whereby people come together and celebrate with big festivals, around the world and communities, people eat and come together at a joyful occasion, this helps to elevate out ancestors and makes them happy this they will bless us more Ase .

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We pray Olodumare IFA Orisa Egungun ensure that our 2024 is happy, successful, in harmony and good health Ase Ase Ase O

Aboru Aboye Abosise

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