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Opa Iku is a rite of passage that helps devotees connect with their ancestors. Devotees receive a consecrated icon, a powerful tool to communicate with their ancestors and protect the whole family’s blood lineage. Also known as Isan Egungun, the Opa Iku stands as an Ibo (Orisa object) for us to communicate with our ancestors. When we want to call on our ancestors and make unique offerings, the Opa iku is extremely important. All families are urged to have an Opa Iku within their possession, with an appointed head family member/ group of members (Egbe) who will be a responsible custodian to take care of the family’s ancestral responsibilities.

Can you travel with Opa Iku?

Opa Iku/Isan Egun is manageable for carrying. Wherever you travel, Opa Iku/Isan Egun should be with you. You can use it to communicate with your ancestors wherever you are. It’s like a mini ancestor shrine but very effective. Traveling with Opa Iku allows one to connect with their ancestors anytime. It also allows one to appease the ancestor with whatever they want when in need of their support and assistance.

How do you take care of Opa Iku?

The ancestors share the same Ose day as Ogun and Obaluaye, so we must make offerings to the Opa Iku/Isan Egun of whatever they ask for. Traditionally Kola nut (Obi abata) is given. Palm oil is given afterward whenever the ancestors want a more in-depth offering. Maintenance is essential when taking care of our ancestors, so regular offerings and appeasement to our Opa Iku/Isan Egun help keep us protected and grounded. Once you receive your communication Opa iku tools, we will give more instructions to guide you along the way.

When Can I receive my Opa Iku?

It is advisable to receive your Opa Iku once you complete an ancestral roots divination and the necessary ebos to make the appeasements on behalf of the family; the next step is to receive your Opa Iku icon.

What Is An Ancestral Roots Reading Divination Consultation?

An ancestor’s roots reading is a significant investigation into the history and spiritual connection to your true Egungun Ancestors. In the Yoruba Tradition, this is the highest form of ancestral veneration. The spirit of your Ancestors always has to be remembered and venerated. Through this Divination, IFA reveals who, what, where, how, and many facts surround your Egungun. There is always a Message for the family during the investigation. The bloodline and the family we are born into have much to do with our destiny. Your Ancestors and your family are the Egbe you were born through to walk your destiny. In the tradition of IFA, we always have to pay homage to those who came before us, no matter what. Ase O

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