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Do You know Your Problem Might not be Normal or Medical⚕️💉 ?? Why not Try 🧘‍♂️🧘 Spiritual Solution ?? | You could Seek Spiritual Solutions your issue by contacting us ⤵️

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What Is An IFA Divination Spiritual Reading?


Have you ever wondered about the meaning of the current situations in your life? The real solutions to solving them?

Do you ever find yourself asking what your true purpose on earth is? Who are you truly? Whether or not your prayers are actually being delivered, received, and answered?

If you ask these things and want a life-changing answer, an Ifa divination is for you.

What Is IFA Divination?

IFA traditional elders teach us that human beings only know their true purpose once they’re brought to IFA for a divination spiritual reading.

Our ancient ancestors and elders teach us that IFA Divination spiritual readings use historical events from real situations that happened to people before you to explain the past, present, and future. IFA is a combination of parables, riddles, wisdom, and ancient sayings passed down orally from our elders.

An Ifa divination spiritual reading is a divine communication source for all human being to resolve their problems. Babalawos & Iyanifas are IFA Priests who have been trained and qualify as mediums between humans, Orisa Gods, and Egungun, ancestors.

Ifa Opon Tray

During the IFA physical and spiritual divination, the Babalawo/ Iyanifa during an IFA divination will speak to IFA/ Orunmila on your behalf.

An Ifa divination is the powerful mouthpiece to understand what Orunmila and Orisa (powerful spiritual forces of nature) are directly saying to you. The IFA, Orisa, and Egungun (ancestors) will show and tell us what they want you to know and, most of all, what action you need to take to make a more significant positive, balanced change within your life.

This divination will equip you with a stronger connection with the Supreme God of the universe (Olodumare), the natural forces of nature (Orisa / Orisha), and your Ancestors (Egungun).

I Want To Know My Destiny, How Can Ifa divination Help Me?

It is through Ifa divination readings that one can know and understand their actual road map in life, which includes the past, present, and future, to align with their destiny. It also consists of one’s directives, current events, career path, strengths and weaknesses in life, taboos, spiritual ways, health conditions, relationships with family, community, Orisa, and much more.

What takes place during IFA Divination?

The Ifa divination process is a powerful, enlightening experience. It is when Ifa, the Ifa priest (Babalawo or Iyanifa), and the client are in the sacred space of Ifa. The Ifa priest is the medium between Ifa and the client. During the divination session, the Ifa priest will use a divining chain called Opele or sixteen palm nuts called Ikin Ifa. The tools are used based on the client’s situation​.

The Ifa priest will pour libation to pay homage to the ancestors, Ifa and Orunmila, and pray for positive things for your life and success.

During this spiritual investigation, you will gain the wisdom, knowledge, messages, directives, and formulas you must follow to experience positive outcomes.

You then will be given certain prescribed rituals (ebo) that will have to be performed by the IFA Priests. Receiving an Ifa divination aids your situation so that it can change for the better based on the information from the reading.

What Happens After Ifa Divination is Performed?

After the Ifa divination is performed, spiritual prescriptions are given to you. These remedies are known as ebo, which translates to sacrifice (See Consult IFA article: What Is the Importance of Ebo?). This spiritual work, strongly advised to be done within a specified time, is told to you after completing your IFA Divination reading. After the spiritual work concludes, the Ifa priest will have final words and prayers for the client or devotee.

How Long Does an Ifa Divination Take?

The time needed to conduct the divination is unique to one’s purpose for coming to Ifa. It can range from 30-45 minutes to an hour, sometimes longer.

Will Just One IFA Divination Solve All My Problems?

One divination will not solve all your life problems. Just as we have multiple stages of life, and progress throughout our years, it takes multiple divinations to stay in alignment wihh our path. We advise receiving an Ifa divination reading at least once every two weeks or once a month to ensure you’re on the right path to monitor your life. As humans, we face many life challenges, i.e., health problems, financial problems, poverty, enemies, relationship problems, etc, in which we need coninuous guidance along the way.

The IFA system requires patience and gradual work towards reaching your highest potential.​

Do I Have To Be Part of the IFA Tradition or a Devotee/ Practitioner in Order to Receive an IFA Divination Reading?

Anyone can receive an Ifa divination reading. Ifa does not discriminate against anyone outside of it’s culture. Christians, Muslims, religions, non-religious groups, and other cultures come to the foot of Ifa seeking knowledge and wisdom of their destiny to restore order and elevation in their lives.

How often as a newcomer/IFA Devotee should I receive a IFA Divination?

At least once a month or when you can as often as possible.

Why Do I Need to Pay For My Divination and Ebo?

Ebo is the sacrifice made to maintain all the blessings coming to you in your life. The Ifa priests use their long years of hard work and acquired knowledge to enter your experience to adjust whatever changes are necessary to make your situation balanced and successful. The concept of money in Ifa is part of Ebo Materials. In ancient times, money was in the form of cowrie shells. The Spirit of Wealth (Orisa Aje) is an essential tool and aspect of life for things to move and flow well. Giving up something to receive something greater and showing appreciation to the Orisa and those working on your behalf is how Ifa determines ebo (sacrifice). A donation for your Ifa services means you are making ebo (sacrifice).​​ IFA Priests, divination readings, and Ebos save and change lives positively throughout the world.

How Do I know When I Need An IFA Divination?

Suppose you have any problem, for example, health, money, wealth, people, job, career, health, marriage, family, or mental. An IFA Divination reading does more than just expose the problem. It identifies the solutions and answers needed to clear your path for mental clarity, growth, and the capability of making good decisions to evolve you in the successive cycles of your life, avoiding stagnation.

How Is My IFA Divination Connected to Prayer?

Once your divination is prepared, the Babalawo/Iyanifa Priest can see what prayer verses are associated with your head Odu by the tools used. The divine codes of the odu from your inner mind (Ori) are then translated by IFA (The system) and revealed so you can understand what the message Orunmila, Orisa of Destiny, has to unveil to you through the Babalawo/Iyanifa IFA Priest.

Specified materials and established prescribed prayers are chanted and positively activated by the professional Babalawo/ Iyanifa IFA Priests (from memory) during this process.

The system of Ifa has established prayers/verses that are selected, along with specified materials and chants, to be positively activated by a professional Babalawo/ Iyanifa IFA Priest by their memory.

Unlock what type of divine prayer verse is associated directly with you for blessings, long life, good health, wealth, money, victory, peace of mind, and much more.

IFA Divination is a critical healing reading which encourages human character development and behavior. It’s an intricate piece of the puzzle to fix, heal, and transform your Ori (head) behavior, character, and lifestyle toward successful outcomes.

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