What Are Ajogun Negative Forces Pt 1?

How do I know if We have Ajogun in my life?

You will most certainly know! Because if your life is always in some type of hardship, struggle, suffering, trauma etc. For example, loss of job, arguments, poverty, loss of money , fights with family friends or loves ones, the energy will always seem like hard or an uphill battle, or like you are carrying a basket of water to drink but there are holes in the basket, challenges that you are facing, you just feel down or depressed, worried, the energy not feeling balanced, your head is feeling off, things not going good but bad.

Furthermore, you must understand that these are spiritual warnings and triggers, which identified the link that you must do an IFA divination reading and investigation to see if the energies or incidents are natural or unnatural.

Even it is natural there are ways to balance the energy so you can survive and make it through. This is done by receiving ebo prayer healing work. If you sense circumstances are not normal, you must seek professional spiritual urgent help immediately, don’t make the mistake and procrastinate and wait. Don’t allow things to escalate and get out of hand or even worse, or even when you are physically not able.  Word of advice Money comes and goes but LIFE, there is only one Life, and you only get one chance!

In addition, one of the ways of solving the problem and providing a solution is by having ebos done on your behalf by a trained IFA Babalawo/Iyanifa/ Olorisa Priest. Because if you do not listen to the wisdom of IFA and not make ebo or sacrifice to ensure that things are better for you. There are things you can control but many things in life that we undergo needs serious professional spiritual intervention. 

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What do you mean by unnatural sources?

We mean that the energies that are making your life a struggle we want to do a IFA spiritual investigation to see if they are coming from ancestral curse, or if you are breaking your own personal taboos. 

How do I find out what my taboos are?

There are various ways, but the main ways are from receiving A General IFA divination monthly checkups, by receiving also an ancestor’s root reading to see what the bloodline taboos are, and the ultimate knowing of your life taboos are by undergoing IFA Initiation or Orisa Initiation. 

What Is Ajogun?

According to our elders ajogun are agents of misfortune that causes problems in a human being life. These ajogun forces are negative forces that cause disruption and challenges in one’ life. Such forces require immediate attention through IFA Spiritual Divination and ebos that must be done by a trained IFA Babalawo or Iyanifa IFA traditional priest.

Ajogun are considered according to our elders some of the following: death, sickness, quarrels, losses, court cases litigations, fights, spirit of misfortune, curses, witchcraft, bad character, trouble, bad luck, enemies, accidents etc all of these are triggers for the ajogun forces to cause delays, challenges, on one’ destiny.

Can these Ajogun forces be prevented?

Yes, they can be, although we are all here on earth our job is to fullfill our destiny and not be a victim of unforseen circumstances that but to prolong our life and to active the blessings for us to have peace of mind, long life, victory, all good things as much as possible. Therefore if you receive an IFA divination, the IFA Priests through professional IFA divination and tools of IFA will investigate where, what, how, and provide a solution from the wisdom of IFA on what to do and how to tackle the problem as well as change the energy so it is balanced through performing ebo.

We live in a world where both energies exist both positive blessings and negative forces exist in our lives daily and by performing ebo, this helps to transform and change the direction of these ajogun forces and protect us. It’s imperative to receive an IFA divination, perform the ebo, then receive akose IFA medicine that is personally made for you and your health or the situation that Ifa foresees for you to have victory over the problem. There are many verses in various odu IFA that show that because the person refuses to make ebo that their situation ended up being even more challenging and harder.

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How can a remove negative spirits?

MAKE DIVINATION & EBO QUICK! By doing ebos it can transform the energy, as we make special appeasements.

Does IFA help to remove negative spirits or ajogun forces?

Yes,the system of IFA will provide solutions which comes from the wisdom of IFA,

Could it be of some generational curses put on my family why I seem to have unfortunate circumstances?

Yes, and this is why it is highly recommended to receive an Egungun Ancestral Roots Divination.

The house I stay in could this be result of ajogun forces? 

Yes , Ajogun forces are spirits that are negative and they can enter in the home, they can enter through many other ways even into human being behavior some triggers include through alcohol,drugs or mind altering substances. If you are not receiving regular IFA divinations and performing ebos, they can also enter into the home if the home does not have any spiritual protection tools outside or within the home, we adivise you receive a IFA Divination for further investigation and to produce postive results so that there is no trouble within the home and for the people who reside in it.

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