Vulture and other Orisa


Vulture and other Orisa 

Although a repulsive-looking and bad-smelling bird, the vulture has long been held in high regard by ancient cultures. 

Vulture claws were said to detect poisons in food and drink. 

This bird was considered to be prophetic, knowing beforehand the site of battles. 

The vulture has been associated with the Great Mother for thousands of years in her aspect as life-giver and destroyer. 

As a representation of love and care, the goddess Isis is sometimes shown with vulture wings in her role as Great Mother. 

Mut, goddess of maternity and the sky, was often portrayed with the head of a vulture or wearing a vulture headdress. 

In the funeral rites of Osiris, four vulture feathers were attached to each corner of the coffin. Nekhebet and Mut, both vulture goddesses, were said to guard mummies and protect the dead.

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