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The foremost Language of the arena 🪬

The foremost Language of the arena 

I know the epic of Babel within the bible that talk about about how individuals gathered together to produce a big building that would consequence in heaven in disclose that they’ll gaze their God or so.

Was once the epic accurate?

If God became once within the cloud produce no longer you focus on scientist effect no longer want stumbled on him yet?

I focus on the epic of Babel within the Bible became once a fictional epic which is no longer accurate.

When the arena became once created by OBATALA, he thought individuals symbols.

So therefore symbols became once the first language of the arena, individuals of the arena might perchance presumably perchance well talk and skim thru symbols.

Until now human being indulge in no longer recovered the full lost symbols of the arena.

Witness at your cell phone, every cell phone firm has its grasp symbols. Every church has its grasp symbols, the mosques indulge in their grasp symbols, every monetary institution has its grasp symbols etc and heaps others.

The position of symbols can by no methodology be over emphasize as a result of it’s miles the accurate language of the arena.

Whereas you happen to indulge in study moderately just a few some aged books and scroll, that it’s most likely you’ll look that those scroll doesn’t indulge in moderately just a few written text nonetheless rather it indulge in symbols which talk about volume greater than a text.

The world goes succor to the tell of symbols, look on the site visitors indicators . Or no longer it’s all symbols.

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Symbols is one amongst the formulation you are going to have the option to talk about with OLODUMARE.

On your dream, that it’s most likely you’ll gaze symbols. Most desires talk about to us thru symbols.

Any individual evening dream of seeing the sky, or the moon, yet any other particular person might perchance presumably perchance well dream of seeing lights and yet any other particular person might perchance presumably perchance well dream of a extraordinarily mountainous water.

These are dream symbols and it’s traditional , you produce no longer wish to poke to any pastor for interpretation.

These dream containing symbols are there to info you nonetheless many prophet and pastors indulge in made you watched that symbols are demonic nonetheless they effect no longer appear to be.

It is time to stand up from slumber and embody your accurate identification.

This Article is written by AWO ABIOLA (whatsapp +2349169827000) For non secular guidance and IFA session.

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