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The dark phase of Life


The dark phase of Life

This phase is in every person that is destiny for greatness in one little way or big way.

This is the phase where you have done everything possible from your end, you have visited spiritualist and babalawo for all sort of things .

After doing the right thing you are supposed to do.

The next thing is to enter the dark phase of Life.

In the dark phase of Life, everything is stagnant. To eat is a problem, you can’t afford anything in Life .

The dark phase is thicker in some people than the other, in some people they would be seeing small things to stay alive while in many people it would be a complete dark stage. Nothing is happening and nothing is moving.

This phase can last up to 2 years in some people and can only last for 3 months in some people. It all depend on how thick the cloud is.

We have passed through my own dark cloud of 2 years and I know how it feels , doing all sort of things and still at a point. When We was in this phase, Weried all day and night and at a point We want to commit suicide .

I abuse OLODUMARE at some point but We have to beg and beg. 

Being in this situation,you have to be grateful and the more grateful you are the more the problem become thicker just because they want you to say those abusive words on OLODUMARE.

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The dark phase of Life is for some time.

Once you feed the orisa describe in your divination, you will use some soap that will make things easier and quicker than 2 years of dark phase, it shorten the dark phase of Life .

The soap is based on IFA consultation outcome, if IFA doesn’t mention it,there is no need for it.

And if your star doesn’t use soap, there are other spiritual work to do that will back up the feeding of the orisa you have done.

My name is Voodoo Magic (Ogun Todaju) Love Spell, We have passed through a lot and have suffer before I get this gift of Whatever OBATALA , OLOKUN,  ORUNMILA, OSUN, YEMOJA,  OYA, SANGO ,ESU, IYAAMI ELEYE,IYAMOPO, ELA, LUKOSI,AGEMO,OSA,AGBODERE, ERINLE etc

I never wanted to be IFA priest, it was an instruction for me to guide others too.

This Article is written by Voodoo Magic (Ogun Todaju) Love Spell (whatsapp +2349169827000) For spiritual guidance…We also sell spiritual product for wealth, protection and Open doors.

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