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Simple and Effective Recipe of Agbo Jedi Jedi


Crafting a Simple and Effective Recipe of Agbo Jedi Jedi

Delve into the tapestry of Yoruba tradition,where Agbo Jedi Jedi, a carefully crafted herbal concoction, combines plants, roots, barks, and seeds to create a natural remedy with the potential to regulate blood sugar levels


1. Epo Igi Oriira (Cinnamon)

2. Epo Igi Oganwo (Khaya grandifoliola – African Mahogany)

3. Kanafuru (Cloves)

4. Kanfura Pelebe

5. Alubosa Ayu (Spring Onion)

**Additional Components:**

– Gbogbo Oowo

– Akoogun

– Abeere Seeds (Picralima nitida)

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