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Prayer Set aside a query to for a Donation – Cease of the year special equipment 🪬

Prayer Set aside a query to for a Donation – Cease of the year special equipment

Right here is odd of me to present a quiz from other folks .

I make no longer beg neither cease I power other folks to present a donation.

Doing such methodology monetization of the spirit and it’s miles a prison offence in the non secular realm.

I make no longer ever wish to offend the ORISA, their Pleasure is all I ever wished.

However I looked at it, right here is the final day in 2023 sooner than we’re rolled into the recent year.

Many individuals wished a route, in the event that they would well presumably upright dream about any individual or one thing telling them where their blueprint back advance from or what wish to be executed , would possibly well no longer they be satisfied?

Many individuals have long past to diversified locations to hope and nothing took put, they’ve worn all form of charms and methodology but nothing changes .

This Prayer quiz would entirely elapsed this day and it would no longer be prolonged except every other day .

I modified into as soon as pondering of extending the hand of Love and Energy to payment other folks.

It will also be more than 10 and as soon as the volume has reached 10. I’d no longer be accepting any donations.

Incase you send yours after the seven other folks had been selected, I’d want to refund your money.

What I intend to cease this day as every other day is to Bewitch 7 other folks’s identify with me in the spirit realm along with one prayer quiz.

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Whereas I’m in a position to be in the realm, I’d pray with their identify and prayer quiz so that as the portal opens, the quiz will doubtless be fall sooner than it closes within mini-seconds.

The donation payment is N10,000 .

I understand it’s low-payment and ensuing from this it’s entirely meant for 10 other folks.

We will be succesful to not raise remarkable burden on me in the spirit realm, I’m in a position to be over exhausted.

In case you wish to donate .

WhatsApp me OLUWO AWO ABIOLA+2349169827000

EMAIL : [email protected]

With the title quiz for donations, halt of year prayer .

Am no longer OLODUMARE but I understand it’s likely you’ll well witness changes, it’s likely you’ll well witness one thing.

This Article is written by AWO ABIOLA (whatsapp +2349169827000) For non secular guidance and IFA session.

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