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Okanran Meji: Omu the Breasts


Okanran Meji: Omu the Breasts

Okan balabala

Awo Omu difa fun ‘Omu

Omu n’torun bo wale Aye

O nraye agbejo

Ebo won ni ko waa se


The one who rocks and is adored

That was the Ifa launched for Omu, the Breast

When she was coming from Orun, Heaven to Aye, Earth

And she was coming to enjoy the life of being caressed

She was advised to offer ebo

When a newborn was coming into the world, she was accompanied by blood and tears. 

About forty days later, 

Laughter came into the world to meet the newborn baby. 

The baby then knew how to smile and have a silly laugh. 

About five months after the baby is born, 

Patience came to accompany her.  

She had therefore been told about the virtue of being patient.

When Omu grew up and she was about 11 years old, Omu the breast, decided to go live with the children on Earth. She therefore went to the Awo mentioned above by consultation of Ifa: 

Would her stay on Earth be fruitful? 

Would she be given honor and respect? 

Would she be adored on Earth by everyone while she was there? 

Would she be placed prominently on the body? 

Would it be better for her to be a male or a female? 

All these questions and more were the things that preoccupied Omu’s mind before she went to Ifa’s consultation.

The Awo assured Omu that her stay on Earth would not only be fruitful, but would be equally exciting and stimulating. She was assured that she would be given her due honor and respect. She was also told that her significance would be elevated above the other parts of the body and that she would occupy the most prominent place in the human body.  

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She was advised to remain female. By doing this, she was insuring that she would be the most obvious part of the female body which makes it easy to identify a woman. 

Omu was told that she would be able to increase a woman’s femininity, attractiveness, and desirability.  Without her, she was assured, a woman would be incomplete. 

In addition to this, Omu was told that she would be entrusted to exclusively breastfeed human babies in the first months of their life. She was also told that even if she was old and weak she would still be given an honorable role to play.

Omu was however advised to offer ebo with 3 white doves, 3 ducks and money. 

She obeyed. 

Soon after this, Omu left for her journey into the world.

When she came into the world, Omu settled on the chest of a young girl between 11 and 12 years old.  At first, she came as a small point. She then began to develop little by little.  By the time the young girl was 16, Omu the Sine, she had breasts prominently on her chest. Those who saw the breasts concluded that the young girl was becoming physically mature and ready for marriage.

Members of the opposite sex also viewed Omu as something to hold, care for and caress. They all started looking at the young girl invitingly as a result of her breasts. 

Various ideas of how to praise the young girl to approach her were developed. 

Omu aroused lassivity in all males. 

She also increased the sexuality of the females with whom she was residing.  

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Even through Omu, as Oju (eyes), Eti (nose), Imu (nostrils), Apa (arms) and Ese (legs) came in pairs, each half complemented the other and one was not more important than the other.

By the time Omu’s mistress was being considered for marriage, the biggest measurement rule used for consideration, aside from other social factors such as education, character, morals, and so on, was that when she became pregnant, and If she was giving birth to her own baby, she might be able to feed the newborn baby with her breasts. 

And truly, Omu was used exclusively to feed the newborn in the first few months of the baby’s life on Earth.

Everything the new baby needed to survive on Earth,  and to continue living a healthy life afterwards,  had been provided by Olodumare and stored in the milk that Omu produced. No other part of the body can be used to replace Omu in this noble role.

Ifa also says that just like Ifa, it is the source of the knowledge and the origin of all things, living, non-living, visible, not visible, those that have essence and those that do not, perceive or not perceive them, contain a pair of sixteen Odus each of which can be combined according to Olodumare’s will on any matter that concerns him.

Thus, also the breasts have sixteen holes in the nipples, which serve as “the source through which all the necessary ingredients for the existence of a newborn were provided.” 

The “source” in each breast was open and closed according to the need, destiny, character and desirability. 

Essentially, anyone who studies which part of the sixteen orifices supplies milk to feed a newborn while on Earth, such a person could easily make a map distinguishing the characteristics of such a baby and by extension predict what role he has come to play in the world. 

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Therefore only Ifa and Omu can successfully play that role – nurture and substantiate at the same time.

When Omu had played these roles and aged and weakened, she was highly respected as a part of the body which had sustained all members of the human race including kings and slaves, noble and common. Highs and lows, the highly sought after and the ignored.

This is how Omu lived a full life on Earth. She was adored, caressed, pampered, solicited, respected, and due honor and recognition were given to her. She was therefore singing and dancing and praising Olodumare for having given her a noble role to play in the lives of all members of the human race.

Okan balabala

Awo Omu lo dia f’Omu

Omu n’torun bo wale Aye

O nraye agbejo

Ebo ni won ni ko waa se

O gb’ebo, o ru’bo

Ko pe, ko jinna

E wa ba’ni b’ewa

E wa wo’re o


The one who rocks and is adored

That was the Ifa launched for Omu, the Breast

When she was coming to Orun, Heaven to Aye, Earth

And she was coming to enjoy the life of being caressed

She was advised to offer ebo

She obeyed

Before long, not far

Let’s get together in the midst of beauty

Come and see all the ire of life

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