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Odi ofun speaks about breast as a thing of honour, care and respect it


Odi ofun speaks about breast as a thing of honour, care and respect it

We must respect the breast and care for it

On this, Ifa says:

Funfun niyi eyin

O gun rege niyi orun

Ka rogun ka ma sa niyi Okunrin

Omu kudikudi niyi obirin

A difa fun Orunmila

Baba ji baba n kominu ogun

Owo mi bewe segunsete temi

Ma maa sewon logun

Ma maa se won lote

To be white is the beauty of teeth

To be straight is the beauty of a neck

Not to run away for war is the honour of a hero

Breasts add honour to a woman

Ifa revelation to Orunmila

When he woke up to have premonition of war

Here is segunsete leaf in my hands

We will conquer them in wars

We will destroy their conspiracies

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