Learn How To Cure Epilepsy For Free

On my way home today in Benin City, I saw a beautiful lady fell on the ground, shaking, forming whitish substances from her mouth.

People suddenly gathered her to look at her, snap and video her with their mobile phones, some were shouting Jesus, while others were wanting to help her and I told them to leave her that she is having seizure that she will be fine.

They asked me “Who are you and how did you know she is having seizure?” Then We was forced to introduce myself, I told them who We was “We are Babalawo Orisha”, I quickly rushed to the nearby bush, pluck some few herbs and squeezed the herbs juice in her mouth and immediately she regained consciousness. I gave her my phone number and walked away.

I felt really bad for her because her beautiful clothes were stained, she sustained injuries as a result of her falling unconsciously to the ground and people must have uploaded her seizure pics and videos online.

People experience seizures constantly, it is very embarrassing and degrading. Imagine a new relationship, a girl you spent your money to impress for months, she finally agreed to visit you at home and when you were about to do, you fell on the ground naked, shaking, forming whitish substances from her mouth and when you regained consciousness, you saw hundreds of strange faces in your room looking at your nakedness.

Your room is like a market place. Imagine how many persons have seen your nakedness or snapped or video you while you were unconscious.

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This was exactly what happened to a client of mine that made him to seek immediate help in trado-medical because the embarrassment and disgrace was too much for him.

He is now well, healthy and no more seizures courtesy of my herbal medicine which We will be teaching you for free on this post.


Epilepsy is a group of neurological disorders characterized by epileptic seizures. Epileptic seizures are episodes that can vary from brief and nearly undetectable periods to long periods of vigorous shaking.


1* Genetics

2* Acquired


I. Plantain Root Juice

II. Water


There are several herbal methods to cure epilepsy but We will share only one method for free. I normally charge money for this but We will teach you for free so that you can cure yourself or friends or family of epilepsy and We hope my teaching will be well appreciated?


Get Plantain root and extract the juice from it by the means of pounding it in mortar or by cutting a hole inside the plantain root and cover for about 10 – 15 minutes. You will see the juice gather on the root itself. Take 1 shot 3 times a day for effective cure.

NOTE: Plantain root must be washed with clean water to avoid infection before extracting the juice.

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