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IFA TEACHING – How Snake Became Very Powerful

Orunmila made divination for Snake. The snake was originally an ordinary rope when he was in heaven, he could neither bite nor harm.

He was only used as an instrument for tying loads. When he decided to come to the world, he went to Orunmila for divination. Orunmila asked one of his followers called to make divination for him.

The snake was at that time called Alele which meant the king of ropes. On account of the fact that he was commonly used for tying firewood both himself and his children had no peace whatsoever. He wanted to be more respectably treated on earth and to have peace and honour.

At divination, he was told to serve his head with white and red kolanuts inside his house, after which he was also to serve his head with another set of white and red kolanuts by the side of the road outside his house in order to command honour, fear and dignity from the people of the world.

After serving his head in the house at night, he left the following morning for the road leading to the venue of the divine council of heaven. He sat down by the roadside to pray to his head.

At the same time, Almighty God was on his way to the meeting of the divine council and Almighty God met Alele praying.

When God heard what he was wishing for, He asked Alele to give Him the two kola nuts with which he had been praying.

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Alele refused to surrender the kolanuts on the ground that he was advised by Orunmila to use them to serve his head.

God asked him the desires for which he was serving his head, and Alele replied that he was created as a nonentity and as a universal servant and that he did not want to suffer the same fate on earth for which he was leaving presently.

Once again, Almighty God asked him to surrender the kolanuts and he willingly did so. Thereafter, God ordered him to open his mouth.

As soon as he obeyed. Almighty God spoke and spat into his mouth and without saying any other word.

Almighty God proceeded on His divine journey, while Alele “Snake” left for his own house. The words which Almighty God spoke into snake mouth are as follows but before I type those powerful sacred forbidden words here, you must be an IFA initiate to read these most powerful words. Non initiates of IFA reading these powerful sacred words has strong consequences.

That being said, here are the powerful sacred forbidden words spoken by Almighty God into the mouth of snake:

Iwo Okun

Emi fun o ni ase wipe

Oun·ki-oun ti o ba so ni aiye

Ni won yi o gbo ni

Oke Orun ni ojo na

That command of God was a metaphor which means that whetever the snake bites, the victim will feel it instantly and if not treated, will get to heaven on the same day.

Snake “Alele” left for earth the following day. He got to earth and continued to be used as a rope. Meanwhile, the King made divination in his palace and he was advised to make sacrifice to avoid the danger of losing a human soul before the end of that year.

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He was asked to give a he-goat to Esu in order to have the necessary peace and tranquility to perform his·annual festival without losing a soul. He regarded the prediction as far fetched and so ignored the advice and the sacrifice.

Meanwhile the members of the King’s household began to make preparations for the annual festival. The King’s favourite wife led a team to the forest to fetch firewood for use during the festival. After fetching the firewood, they proceeded to procure the ropes for tying them up.

The favorite wife of the King then saw Snake “Alele” with its smooth body. After uprooting it from the ground, the rope warned her not to treat him shabbily. She ignored the warning and continued to fold-up the rope.

As she folded the rope up to her hands, he attacked her with the help of his newly acquired authority from Almighty God. She quickly threw away the rope and shouted for help and all her mates came to meet her.

She began to bleed from the point of impact and she started to vomit. The others quickly rushed her home but before they got home, she died.

That incident put a stop order on the preparations for the festival. The King ordered the royal herald to announce the cancellation of that year’s festival.

The King also decreed that Snake “Ejo” (as he came to be called henceforth or Alele) had acquired the instrument of authority (ASE) for respect and honur. The proclamation was made in the following words:

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Keni keni maamu

Kpakun Ejo digi loko

Ori Ejo Maakpaa irele ejo

When this Odu appears at divination, the person should be told to make sacrifice to his head with kolanuts at home and outside his house because he lacks honour and respect. After the sacrifice, he will command respect, fear and recognition among his fellow men.

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