Babalawo Orisha, Idi Iwori made divination for Nigeria on the 1st of January 2018.

1* Ifa says a popular wealthy king will die mysteriously this year as a result of his sacrilegious actions on the sacred throne if he doesn’t offer ebo to quickly. Sacrificial items are: 7 black he goats, 7 baskets of yams, 7 native pots, 7 jars of water, 7 bunch of firewood, 7 sets of spices.

2* Ifa says tough days are ahead of Nigerians but if Nigeria President makes self sacrifice, Nigerians will eventually come to happier days and live a prosperous and peaceful life. The sacrifice here is personal sacrifice from the President Nigeria for greater good of Nigerians.

3* Ifa says several baby production factories will be discovered in Nigeria this year but most of these childlessness problems can be solved if couples have a baby before getting married to avoid the problem of childlessness after marriage and this will also reduce the rate of divorce in 2018.

4* Ifa says Nigeria has strong enemy on the inside and a strong enemy on the outside. Division is Nigeria enemy on the inside and exploitation is Nigeria enemy on the outside. Nigerians must conquer the enemy of division on the inside before they can conquer the enemy of exploitation on the outside.

5* Ifa says a popular Lagos base pastor will be disgraced and embarrassed. This embarrassment will be made public and it will spread all over the internet like wild fire but this shameless pastor will come out to defend himself using the bible to back up himself.

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6* Ifa says Nigeria Government should send building experts to inspects buildings in Nigeria because there are going to be building collapse in different parts of Nigeria this year that will take lives and properties.

7* Ifa says Nigerians should be patient because their poor condition in life would surely improve for the better but it will take time.

Babalawo Orisha