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Do You know Your Problem Might not be Normal or Medical⚕️💉 ?? Why not Try 🧘‍♂️🧘 Spiritual Solution ?? | You could Seek Spiritual Solutions your issue by contacting us ⤵️

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How Does The IFA tradition answer my prayers?


What Is IFA?

Ifa is a oral system that is used to solve human beings problems and provides real healing to YOUR LIFE. IFA is a binary coded spiritual divinatory which system left by the messenger Orunmila and passed from Olodumare for African people of West Africa Nigeria. IFA is a sprituality universal system that provides the wisdom and guidance, explanation and solution to a human being life situation. IFA is a science, also includes proverbs, poetry, art, music, prayer, worship, tradition, culture, medicine and much more .

IFA finds and provides a solution through the IFA Divination reading on your behalf and then we make our prayer request through what we call EBO.

Appeasements are made and then our prayers are answered by IFA Orisa and Egungun Ancestors.

What Is IFA Divination?

IFA divination reading can tell you what is happening in your life, and guide you towards knowing your mission and purpose and achieving your mission here on earth. Ifa will answer your prayer requests.

What is your hand of IFA?

When you have your hand of IFA this serves as an important conduit communication spiritual device to communicate with Orunmila and in conjunction to help you to know who you are and your place in this world. Ifa is a spiritual protection tool when you take good care of it You need to keep in contact with Consult IFA for guidance and instructions. Every person on earth should receive this tool to make your life successful.

Life is going well, how do I know if there is a problem if I do not see it?

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Do you agree there is a physical realm and a spiritual realm, earth is a physical planet and in the astral realm in the universe is the heavenly realm, . You know this is real because when you dream you have a connection to this spirit astral world called in Yoruba lanuage ORUN – Heavenly plane. This is the place we came from before we travelled to earth. We travel back and forth from heaven to earth all the time. African people since the beginning of time have and always have known or had a connection to this spiritual world, astral plane .

You may not physically see a problem at this present time as of yet, or may no be as spiritually aware however, IFA is able to see further ahead and by having a spiritual IFA divination it opens the way for protection. By using this system of IFA it can prevent unforeseen circumstances for you and your loved ones and save your life.

IFA divination is a spiritual investigation reading , a spiritual scan into your life and can tell you what to avoid and how to prevent blocks or misfortune. A IFA divination can help bring a solution to solve your problems, the problem seen or unseen.

How can my problem be solved ?

Firstly by being provided the IFA divination reading which is the wisdom and the knowledge coming from IFA. This is done through ebos prayer work, IFA medicine, and appeasements to Orisa and your ancestors. The problems can be solved also by knowing how to perfect your character your IWA your behaviour, IFA is psychology as well as spiritual but also deals with improving our your mental health.

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How can I find out if Iam a descendant of west Africa Nigeria?

You can book online at www.consultifa.com and book an Egungun ancestors roots reading. This will tell you everything you need to know about your ancestors , who they were, were they derived from, how they lived, what there Orisa, how they were solved if they were sold into slavery, what curse needs to be broken , you also receive guidance by way of IFA and your ancestors and message for the family members?

How are the Priests able to know this?

By connecting to IFA through tools, the same way we have a device to communicate with a another person i.e. a cell phone, iPhone , is the same way we have tools to communicate to IFA Orisa Egungun by connecting to your ancestors with the system they used and identify with. The first religion that Africans from west African Nigeria practiced was IFA. It was not Christianity or Islam, these were forced into the country of West Africa and were not the original cultures practiced by our forefathers and for mothers. IFA was a the first spirituality of African people world wide and now is practiced all over the world by all human beings. The Atlantic slave trade was the main reason why IFA travelled.

Why was Africans sold into slavery.

There were various reasons however, to know your exact accurate blood line reason you would have seriously get a Egungun ancestors roots reading this goes into indepth investigation into your ancestors and deep information into your bloodline. And find out why your ancestors may or may not have been sold into slavery. You also find out how they lived before .

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For more information:

Consult IFA Office. +2348148283617

Toll Free worldwide :+2349034800383


[email protected]

Cash App: $ConsultIFÁ


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