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Do You know Your Problem Might not be Normal or Medical⚕️💉 ?? Why not Try 🧘‍♂️🧘 Spiritual Solution ?? | You could Seek Spiritual Solutions your issue by contacting us ⤵️

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How Can IFA Solve My Problems?


We pray and thank Olodumare IFA Egungun and ask to guide and bless who ever is reading this article and we pray IFA brings you closer to your destiny and truth of who you really are and achieve your highest potential in life Ase O

What is Ifa divination?

Ifa divination is a spiritual investigation into your life and to know what your purpose and your mission is on earth. This investigation provides solutions to your problems. The world has constant interactions with both good and bad energies, known and unknown. Everything around us is alive breathing and living. Ifa divination provides direct truth ,direct answers to human beings , Ifa is a spirituality but also psychology on a deeper physical and spiritual level.

Ifa is able to simplify our life by providing the wisdom and solution to how one should behave in life. Ifa divination provides balance and alignment in one’ life with all the energies good and bad to ensure we keep on the right track on our actual purpose and destiny we chose before we came to earth in the heaven. Ifa is universal knowledge , wisdom , and overstanding both earth and heaven.

What tools are used ?

The trained Babalawo or Iyanifa Ifa Priest uses special tools to access your life situation experience ,through the specified selected sign from the 256 odu Ifa . The tools used to identify your life experience sign odu are either Opele or Sacred ikin palm nuts, these are the tools used to access Ifa the system given to Ifa pratictioners from the prophet or Orisha Orunmila who is the Yoruba God of destiny and the system used to hear the wisdom of Olodumare (God)

How are they able to access what We are going through without me being present.?

The system of Ifa is an ancient tradition that is the first traditional spirituality among the Yoruba people of West African.

A large amount of people residing in the western hemphere diaspora, the bloodline ancestoral lineage derives from all various parts of West African. If you would like further investigation on this we urgently encourage you to book an ancestral roots divination.

The elders teach us that it is very important to know where you come from so you know where you are going in life.

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To find out more who and we’re your ancestors were from , how they behaved , who they worshipped ,what how they came from and many more information . Although it’s advisable to get a test done to see the percentile rate of where you are from , the ancestral companies are unable to provide in depth spiritual investigation into the spirit and voice of our ancestors by way of Egungun. If you would like to hear and know the message from your ancestors in the past and for the whole blood line family today book an ancestral roots reading. Do not miss out on the opportunity . An ancestral roots reading can be done for all human beings.

I’m ready to get an Ifa divination how to I start?

Very simple, you just provide your full name, date of birth, and mothers maiden name. Book today, Why wait? Learn who you really are and why you are here?

How long does it take to get back to me ?

Anywhere within 1-3 business days . Usually our Consult IFA professional IFA team is fast same day or next depends on the order it was received in.

Do We have to pay first before my IFA divination ?

Yes, for immediate results your donation for your divination is required, once your IFA divination is prepared and completed and you will be contacted immediately in real time.

Can Weome in person for my divination?

Consult IFA is for all people worldwide for those who are truly trying to make sense of who they really are what they have to do and acknowledge to attain the knowledge of self and know your purpose.

We can guarantee 100% state in the name of Orisa Ogun that we provide confidential services via safe technology means of services, this includes phone, email, text , WhatsApp, all forms of technology. We do arrange exclusive special in – person divinations with Babalawo or Iyanifa ConsultIFÁ Ifa Priest depending on your country , state , or area this can be done by appointment only.

The time of Babalawo Iyanifa Olorisa Egungun priests is extremely busy and important and the schedule and the work performed is exceptional and of none other of any profession. The prayer ebo work that is done on your behalf requires much time and hard spiritual healing and physical work. This work requires much patience on the client or devotee’ behalf. It is in the best interest as the client and devotee to be always good to the IFA Babalawo , Iyanifa Ifa Priests, Olorisa Priests , Egungun ancestral Priests and show appreciation through good behavior, humility ,respect ,honor ,monetary donation or gifts and treat then very well. Because what they are doing for individuals , the community and the whole world , no other person who is not trained could not do. The Consult IFA Priests make sure by all means ensure that all things in your life are good for you and well balanced for you and your family. Are

Ifa is able to access your situation anywhere , although you will have to be in person for initiations or specific stated ebo prayer work. It does not change or make a major difference if you are not in person with the Ifa priest to receive your Ifa divination reading . Its not mandatory for you to be physically there unless stated otherwise. Ifa can access your situation anywhere in the world, The Voice of Olodumare Ifa is everywhere and available to solve human being problems. Ase

Who Is Consult IFA Online Services ?

We provide private Ifa humanitarian selected donation based healing IFA Divination prayer ebo services, healing herbs for all humans ,

IFA community services such as feed the community, providing school donation supplies and provide Ifa healing education worldwide.

Consult IFA provide healing services to all humans all races and traditions from all backgrounds and cultures who have a problem that needs to be solved, need guidance, need help, need to know who they are and there purpose in this world, need to remove and prevent spiritual attacks and unfortunate untimely circumstances, healing Ifa curable work through natural herbs, Ifa does not discriminate.

IFA is for ALL human beings who want to know their purpose, and to know how to achieve it on earth and attain their highest potential with good behaviour management.

IFA is the first African tradition and practice for the Yoruba people in West Africa Nigeria , therefore if your ancestors are from West Africa, this is the first tradition and culture practiced by the Yoruba people before religion entered into West Africa.

Do I need to be afraid of doing this it’s against my religion?

All human beings look for Ifa system to help for a solution and guidance to all human being problems. You can still practice your religion, however , your ancestors before colonialism, if you are West African descendant, practiced the Ifa Yoruba spirituality and Yoruba culture they practiced as a way of life to communicate with IFA Orisa Gods Olodumare and to make the necessary appeasements called Ebo, atonement, offerings to ensure a successful life, peaceful and stable life.

Ifa culture and tradition is a way of life that helps bring guidance with your behavior, reducing anger or problematic situations so that our life is balanced cool happy non stressful.

IFA Is The Solution to Solving Human Beings Problems! ASE ASE ASE O

Begin your journey of knowing who you really are today!

We are all here on earth for a certain period of time. Hear the voice of Olodumare as to why you are here and know what you need to do while you are here.


For more information contact us:

AFRICA in NIGERIA : +2349169827000

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WhatsApp Us World Toll Free: +2349169827000


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