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Hearing ODU IFA on your dream 🪬

Hearing ODU IFA on your dream 

There are such a lot of motive why you are hearing ODU IFA on your dream, the odu IFA would now be telling you or pointing you to what ought to be done.

While you’re a Christian there is nothing execrable in hearing ODU IFA in any respect. IFA is no longer execrable as you would possibly perhaps be lead to imagine 

There are a lot of cause and motive why you are hearing ODU IFA on your dream .

The cause are the next 

For spiritual guidance,some ODU IFA are for security and guidance. Whenever you hear the ODU IFA you would want a babalawo to interrupt it down for you.

Telling you what is harmful with you – Some ODU IFA are telling you what ought to be done to develop issues correct .

Assert you your spiritual stage – Some of us are more Non secular than the opposite, whenever you happen to are hearing ODU IFA on your dream,it methodology you are Spiritually powerful.

While other cause are..

Some of us are dilapidated and the ODU IFA is telling you what you would possibly perhaps enact to avert the discipline.

ODU IFA is no longer ritual and also that you should learn to luxuriate in it as it deal straight away with OLODUMARE and it is introduction.

This Article is written by AWO ABIOLA (whatsapp +2349169827000) For spiritual guidance and IFA consultation.

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