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Having vulture as a spiritual guidance and what you will notice


Having vulture as a spiritual guidance and what you will notice 

People with Vulture totems often can see auras and colors around people and things. 

The Vulture can see the thermals rising from the earth and uses them to soar into the sky. 

The Vulture can also teach you patience. It will soar for hours, high in the sky, using the air currents.

They perform a very useful function, in that they are eliminating potential sources of disease, although this often causes people to think that they are unclean birds. However, they are very clean. 

In Egyptian hieroglyphs, the vulture was depicted along with mother symbols, which, according to Jung, was because Mother Earth contains both death and life.

 The Parish placed their dead where vultures could consume them, believing that this would allow them a rebirth.

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