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Exploring the Benefits of IFA: Part 2

IFA is the system that the traditional and original people of West Africa , Oyo, Lagos, Ogun State, Oshogbo, Ile Ife, and many more cities and towns in the West Africa. Before the WORD Yoruba which was derived and made up from Europeans tongues and a name given by colonists. The elders of the IFA tradition say that the original names were based on the countries, empires, towns, cities, in the olden days of West Africa, and before colonists invaded West Africa with their religions and unnatural behavioural systems and conduct . For example, the Yoruba people today was NEVER referred to as the YORUBA people in the olden days, in ancient times this was not the true original name. And the elders say that Africa has in essence is really made up of 54 countries, each country, place, city had or empire and own sovereignty.

Therefore, if you came from Oyo you would just say Oyo. Not refer to as the Yoruba tribe or people.

Nevertheless, It is when the europeans invaded that these forceful inhumane changes of names occurred as well as their beliefs and way of life , which was never our natural way. Now before Christianity and Islam and other religions, IFA was and still today is the original known spirituality that was practiced and continues strongly today all around the world Ase. There is a traditional calendar that is used and the official new year for the people of West Africa before colonists invaded  The traditional calendar had a 4-day week, a 7-week month, and a 12-month year. Each day represents particular Orisa and this is the calendar which traditional IFA even West African traditional practitioners use to follow the days of worship, prayer ,and important days of festivities.

Through the traditional system of IFA we are able to reconnect not just physically but spiritually. It is important to reconnect even with regarding the foods. In the IFA tradition the diet is very soluble and more easier to digest for example som foods include, pounded yam, pap, ekuru, moi moi, akara, the main staple food in Oyo Empire and now is Amala with meat. Amala was the favourite food of Orisa Sango. Who was the 4th Alaafin of Oyo Empire Kingdom. The true traditionalist don’t really eat rice too much in their diet this comes from other cultures such as the Asian culture.

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During the ebo process, the meat and food used for the ebo prayers to feed Orisa then cooked and prayed over before consumption during the ebo prayer process. So when the prayers and natural healing sacrifices to IFA and Orisa are being done on behalf of the person who is in need to heal or solve there specific problem, the meat is cooked then distributed and shared among the people within community to eat and enjoy and make people happy. When you feed the mouths of the community in the tradition of IFA this is and brings huge blessings towards the community and support from our Egbe Orun. It very rare that the remains of the meat is placed in various natural places unless specified by Orisa. the food is mainly cooked and eaten by the community. Our ancestors lived this way and passed on these traditions.

It is very important for all people on this earth to know and connect with their original ancestry. Because through the system of IFA we can pinpoint who your ancestors are and the bloodline you were born into by default. The bloodline is very important and the Egungun the spirit of your ancestors need to speak and IFA will reveal to you, where they are from and why, who, where?

IFA will reveal your true ancestors story. Your ancestors need to be involved in your life and we cannot ignore them. They are living through us and will continue through our children. We need there help and an ancestors roots reading will help to break and heal any generational curses that still affect the living offspring today. By making ebo we can change the circumstances through good prayer and spiritual appeasements to Orisa and Ancestors through the ebo traditional prayer system.

It’s important to know the exact place and heritage you are from and the ROOT. Not from the leaf but from the ROOT of the Tree and the underground roots. Its important to know where you are from and then visit the place to reconnect and build a self worth and identity , build a spiritual connection to make you are whole and not feel or be lost in a society that sometimes remove this originality so you are adapting to another way of life that does not naturally fit you. Like you will feel like something is missing if you do not pay attention to your heritage and wanting to know where you come from. If you do not feel this way then trust me your children will. By you starting your journey now you are saving the future children yet to come or that are growing now.

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When you receive a Egungun roots reading you will know where it began and What was their original tradition of your family was? What foods did they eat, What were their taboos? What is their behaviour and career choice in my family ? What is their spiritual symbol? What Orisa did they worship? So many more things will be revealed and then it your responsibility to complete the ebos that must only be done by the Priests on your behalf.

We have has many miscarriages. Can IFA help me to conceive and have children?

When you receive a divination IFA will directly state to what the source of your exact problem is deriving from. Ifa will then prescribe the task what exactly has to be done for the IFA Priest to ensure that you will have a baby. This can only be facilitated and done by a trained Babalawo or Iyanifa IFA Priest.

Once the investigation is completed. You would be advised what to do, the main thing is to comply , listen, and do the ebos.

We want to travel but I seem to be having trouble , how will a travel IFA divination help me?

Before a person travels it is very important to verify firstly if you should even step foot out of your house to go or not. There are many incidences where people go without making sure they have approval or check with IFA, Orisa, ancestors. It important to make appeasements so that the travel is safe and also ensure that the travel is successful. You could save so much trouble if you listen and refrain from being stubborn in behaviour if you just listen.

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It’s been so hard and challenging in my life my mental health cannot deal with the difficulties. How can IFA help me?

We understand how life challenges can make one feel. This is why we constantly try our best to tell you how important it is to keep up with your every 2 weeks or monthly IFA divinations and ebos. If you listen and do this. You will not regret, because this can save your life or even the life of loved ones close to you. This will help to make sure that any appeasements spiritually are made on your behalf. We professionalise in spiritual healing through traditional West African prayer professional methods and IFA akose medicine as will as in-depth investigation and ebo prayer. IFA provides a way for us to clean up our spiritual path and endure to help us achieve our highest potential leading us onto more successful pathways, IFA help to prevent unforeseen circumstances before they get more worse. IFA help us to have the wisdom and clarity to know what direction to go towards.

Im confused and have anxiety about what job career/business and education pathway to go towards. How can IFA help me choose the right career and education pathway.

IFA can help you by you believing and taking the time to receive a IFA investigation general IFA Divination. IFA will reveal to us what exact career path you should do.

For more information on how you can receive the Orisa Aje of wealth contact

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