Does Egbe Orun initiation expires ?


Does Egbe Orun initiation expires ?

We have heard some people especially those who are believers of other faith that is not Yoruba religion tell their followers that Egbe Orun initiation expires after two years and it has to be redone.

We want to clear the fact on this .

Egbe Orun initiation does not expire, there is nothing like expiration to egbe orun.

It is just like saying that your IFA initiation would expire after some time or year.

That is why We have always explained that if you correct egbe orun initiation,there is no expiration to it unless what they do for you is appeasement which is to buy you some time like a year or two till you have the right money to do the legit egbe orun initiation.

Am Voodoo Magic (Ogun Todaju) Love Spell, I bring you nothing but the truth.

Even if you come to me for consultation, you have the power to make decisions where you want to do what IFA tells you to do.

This Article is written by Voodoo Magic (Ogun Todaju) Love Spell (whatsapp +2349169827000) For spiritual guidance…We also sell spiritual product for wealth, protection and Open doors.

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